Upvote/Downvote Cards

Next time you throw together a talent show consider using these cards for up and down voting. [Frits Rincker] came up with the idea over the weekend based on the like and dislike buttons of Facebook. They consist of some foam board with LEDs in the outline of a hand. He built a switch which completes he blue circuit for the thumb’s up and a red circuit for thumb’s down by using a weight that slides freely in a channel, with a reed switch at either end. We’ve embedded the video after the break for you enjoyment.

Oh, and in case you were wondering; Hackaday likes this.


11 thoughts on “Upvote/Downvote Cards

  1. Maybe he meant youtube? There are like and dislike buttons there. It seems to be an interesting build, but the jeering crowd could be a bit clearer, the applause is great though. Overall good job.

  2. what, no arduino???? no internet based monitoring???? what about remote manipulation???? Where’s the hack??? you have a typo in the story.

    ok, now that all the complaining is out of the way, no one has to post those whiner comments…

    nice job. maybe green would be better for thumbs up, but blue works too.

    I give it a thumbs up.

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