Clap to remove this brassiere

Like some strange manga come to life, you can remove this brassiere with a clap of your hands. Under the red bow is a not-so-small mechanical clasp that replaces the original on the strapless front-clasping undergarment. We hate to criticize, but [Randofo] really went off the deep end of hardware overkill on this project. The clasp itself is the electromagnetic coil removed from the case of a mechanical relay. An ATmega168 listens for a spike in sound pressure from a microphone, then drives the relay to release the feminine support system.

It is Valentine’s day. The question being is this romantic or sleazy? Watch the NSFW video after the break and let us know your opinion in the comments.

[Thanks DMF]

70 thoughts on “Clap to remove this brassiere

  1. @NatureTM – Read his build log (the words under the pictures), he (unsuccessfully) tried explosives already. P.S. do YOU want an explosion that close to your nipples?

    @Jeditalian – Yes, my primary concern with his final solution.

    The build (focus, people – breasts are abound on teh internets, function hacks far less so) was an interesting read, and the technical requirements alone were fascinating. Safety, reliability, and repeatability are all critical in a small rugged space. That being said, an “always energized” system seems a bad idea, especially when the power remaining in the 9V starts to drop (and 9V batteries have quite small current capacity).

    I would be interested to see him rework the clasp – he had an idea in one of his early revisions involving strong rare-earth permanent magnets and an impulse from an electromagnet to break the connection. He abandon this approach because the magnet would move unpredictably. Given that he only needed to separate the magnet past the point of holding, I think he bailed to quickly on that idea.

    My two cents.

  2. @ApprenticeWizard
    “the words under the pictures” — thanks for the condescension. He said it ended in disaster. That’s not exactly a satisfying explanation, so I still think it would work. I’m sure you can do it safely. In fact, the only common example I can think of for a near-nipple explosion is airbag deployment, and that makes you safer! Duh!

  3. i use the upside down snap technique and it is quite effective, so effective that in May I plan to go for the world record of unfastening bras in a minute. the current record is 30 but I think Im good for 45 to 60 in a minute. size b cup minimum. should be age verification on this video.

  4. Post-bra-removal, the model is obviously female(and wearing a pair of LED heart pasties also designed by the person who made the bra).

    Pre-bra-removal, that torso and arms look like MINE, and I’m not even remotely female. The problem is that the bra is about 2 cup sizes too large. A bustier model or smaller bra would look decidedly better(though your guess is as good as mine if the pasties would still fit. That’s why it doesn’t need an age gate, IMO)

    As for the construction itself, I have to agree with the general comments that it’s way too bulky. On the other hand, most prototypes are, and now it’s got ME trying to figure out a better solution, and if I made a demo video, it necessarily WOULD be a guy wearing it.

  5. After the schoolboy silly dissipates, the going from concept to ANY workable Proof-of-Concept is why this is here. I call this a VERY worthy hack.

    Look folks, there’s a design curve of 40 parts prototype to 3 ASIC modules and a battery between a HaD article and next years Milan show.

    Now- if it were either a retina scanner or a telepathy transducer plus an incendiary? Morcheeba’s “Undress Me Now” takes on some new potential.

  6. I would enjoy this further if it interacted with the open ECG project, such that I can remove womens’ clothes with the power of my mind. I believe this would be more along the lines of what nature intended.

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