Bay Area Maker Faire: Hackaday Has Arrived!

It’s a madhouse already at the 2011 Bay Area Maker Faire. Though the show doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, Friday is “Education Day”, a special preview for local schools. As makers scramble to set up their displays, a thousand impressionable young minds seek the most cacophonous mixture of taiko drumming, ArcAttack’s musical Tesla coils, and the beeping and booping of the R2-D2 Builder’s Club.

Maker Faire is returning for its sixth year at the San Mateo Event Center, and is shaping up to be bigger and zanier than ever. We’ll do our best to provide some live updates through the weekend. As always, check out the official site for pointers on hours, admission, parking and especially public transit options.

(Photo: Colossus, the death-defying centerpiece of the Midway area of the Faire.)

16 thoughts on “Bay Area Maker Faire: Hackaday Has Arrived!

  1. Finally sitting down after a really busy day setting up at Maker Faire. If you’re there, just look for Sparkfun and then find the two black tents with lots of LEDs in the ceiling. If you know Processing, I might even let you try some live coding on the array…

  2. Pack the truck, pack the kids, we’re heading to Makerland!

    I wanna see the RC ships, eepy birds, battle bots, maker shed, sparkfun, steam powered snow cone maker, and, and, and …

  3. Spent the entire day. Still only saw about 1/2. It was awesome. I really liked seeing more kid friendly exhibits, and kid makers. My kids had a blast and so did I.

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