Would You Like To Play A Game?

[Itay] dropped a link in our inbox about creating a simple video game system using Arduino. Yes we all know where that is going … the TV out library for Arduino. However this tutorial should still be mentioned because it pretty much covers everything someone new would need to quickly and easily hook one of these things up, along with wii Nunchuck usage, library basics and creating your first game.

Lots of large pictures, diagrams, and explanation of software is included. Yes we know we feature this little setup a lot, that is because its so darn fun. So if you ever wanted to make your own little video game system (without going crazy bit banging VGA out of a little micro in ASM) this guide will help you get started making that next arcade masterpiece.

17 thoughts on “Would You Like To Play A Game?

  1. Anybody out there know how to use an arduino to read serial data using hyperterminal? I want to make a small handheld serial port device to read data and I was hoping someone had some ideas.

    1. Personally I would recommend the Arduino Pro Mini 328/5V/16MHZ…it requires an FTDI cable or adapter board, so the total price is more than the UNO…but it works well with a breadboard; using an Uno with a breadboard is a real mess.

      Really the only reason to go with the full size arduinos is if you want to use pre-made shields…but if this IS what you want to do, get the Uno because it has more features than the Duemilanove and it is a lot cheaper than the mega (the mega is the best of the official arduino versions…but the price is too high IMHO)…and if you can, get it from Sparkfun because they will burn an improved bootloader on it for you.

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