Jack’s Video Has Been Fixed.

Earlier today, [Jack] posted his latest video. He then promptly ran off to the secret Hackaday headquarters to begin work on the next one. Unfortunately there was a weird problem with Youtube which left the video un-viewable. We’ve fixed it now and wanted to let everyone know.

We’ve also been getting lots of questions about the videos, mainly about what future content we’ll cover.  Obviously, we’ve only done some very simple and goofy things so far.  We wanted to start simple to get the hang of everything. [Jack] has let us know that the upcoming videos are going to be a little bit more serious and deal with some different aspects of pcb design. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

5 thoughts on “Jack’s Video Has Been Fixed.

  1. Would a fresh start be a good idea ? I mean instead of creating simple “connect 2 wire’s and done” “hacks” and killing plants and hurting people, why not do something new.

    Start all over, forget the HV nonsense. We can take the lack of rehearsals, bad line-reading and acting.
    Just go and do some proper make-vids. Do some interesting solder techniques or how to wire without making a mess.

    No more of this. You can not post about people making PS3 laptops and building home-brew z80 machines and seriously present us with this.

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