Amp Hour Interviews [Joe Grand]

The Amp Hour, a podcast of electronics enthusiasts and professionals alike, just did an epic interview with [Joe Grand]. Along with hosts [Chris Gammell] and [Dave Jones], the discussion runs the gamut of points of interest in the hardware hacking world. The first vignette explores the rise, run, and fall of Prototype This, an engineering-centric TV show that [Joe] did along with a group of various engineers for the Discover Channel. He politely discusses some of the goods and bads of the TV business and how that affected the team’s ability to go into great detail about the projects they were building.

From there the guys discuss the development of Hackerspaces through the years. [Joe] has some concerns about the injection of corporate sponsorships in these DIY spaces and what that may mean in the long run. He then talks about the impending release of his 3-year-long laser range-finder project (we’ve seen a project using a prototype of this sensor). The show is rounded out with discussions about hardware fab houses that [Joe] uses and has used over the years for projects like the Defcon Badges (we loved his Defcon 18 badges).

It’s a great episode so download a copy and set aside about an hour to listen to the whole show.

6 thoughts on “Amp Hour Interviews [Joe Grand]

  1. The Amp Hour is the best electronics podcast out there at the moment. A great mix of social, industry and technical chat – if anyone knows of any comparable podcasts, please post here.
    ps. Great job Chris and Dave.

    1. Do vid-casts count?…There are a few other greats…

      – Ask an Engineer @ (I work for them – so I’ll be biased and put them on the top of the list ;))
      – The Ben Heck Show @
      – Dave Jones EEVBlog @
      – Element 14 has some stuff as well. I think Jeri Ellsworth if doing some content for them.

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