Weekly Roundup 11/19/11

In case you missed them the first time around, here are our most popular posts from the past week.

Our top contender is a post about a giant snake robot that is modeled after a snake that we know of through fossil records that was up to 50 feet long. This one is pretty interesting.

Next in line is a post about a special setup where things are being projected onto a nearly invisible mist of water that literally makes the images float in midair.

After that we have a post about another creation by [Photonicinduction]. Surprisingly, he isn’t destroying something with this one and it isn’t dangerous. Nevertheless it is still interesting. Check out his home power backup system that also (there is some debate going on with this claim) reduces his electricity bills.

In fourth place we have a post about how to make your own aerogel. For those of you who haven’t seen this stuff in person, it is the least dense solid that exists. You can literally see through it.

Finally, we conclude with one about an animatronic Horus Guard mask. If you are a fan of Stargate, this is one to check out.

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