Musical [Blinky] Candy Tin

Since it’s the holidays and pine trees are being cut down and installed in living rooms all around the world, [Jarv] though it would be a good idea to make a musical Christmas ornament. He needed to keep some of his geek cred, so [Jarv] decided to build a musical [Blinky] ghost from Pacman.

A few weeks ago, [Jarv] sent in his musical greeting card that uses a minimal amount of parts to play a short 8-bit tune. His project was based around an ATtiny85 and sounded pretty good. For his [Blinky] ornament, [Jarv] used a similar circuit along with some old-school Pacman songs that sound great.

[Jarv] found a [Blinky] candy tin and after dispensing with all that pressed sugar began work on his build. In keeping with his greeting card, everything is very minimal. Just a speaker, ATtiny85, and button make up the build. Pressing the button cycles through three songs from Ms. Pacman. The result sounds uncannily like a vintage arcade game, so be sure to check out the video after the break.


8 thoughts on “Musical [Blinky] Candy Tin

  1. I had those ghost tins on my wish list for SOME kind of attiny project, and then I get one of the tins for xmas. neat-o. I’m impressed with the audio quality given the limits of an 85.

    One comment on the speaker mesh:
    ALWAYS put a sacrificial block of wood behind the surface you are drilling. Be it wood or metal.

    A sacrificial block of wood avoids the volcano-like spires from the drill bit punching through the metal. Even when you are drillin wood, it avoids shattering/splinters.

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