Weekly Roundup 2/25/12

In case you missed them the first time around, Here are out most popular posts from the past week:

In first place is a post about a DIY ski lift that [Darrin] built. Why should you let a strenuous hike back up a snowy hill ruin your day when you can ski down the hill and then ski right back up it again? Way to go [Darrin]! You are our kind of lazy!

Our second-most popular post is a modern twist on the Nixie tube. This device is made from many layers of clear acrylic that have the numbers engraved onto them. The acrylic is edge lit to achieve a Nixie-tube look-alike.

Next up is a post about a clever way to check the accuracy of a watch. [th3badwolf] did this by making a video at one frame per minute and seeing what the second hand did. Under ideal circumstances, the second hand would stay in the same place for the whole video.

Take a look at this one! Did you think that a CNC machine needs to have a very rigid structure to control the cutting bit? This one doesn’t have any. You hold it with your hand!

Finally, we leave you with a repeat from last week. We didn’t post it this week but you guys just kept coming back for more of this post where [Superluminal] and some friends cast their wedding present for an unlucky bride and groom inside of a big sticky sugar cube.

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