A Mannequin Head + Arduino + Webcam = Lots Of Creepy Fun!

styrofoam head robot

This mannequin head was purchased years ago on sale for less than $3. As with many things one sees while shopping, it didn’t have a purpose at the time, but seemed like it would be useful later. Add in an Arduino, some servos, and electronics parts that were acquire in a similar manner, and you have all the ingredients needed for a cool hack.

The build is well documented in the video after the break, and we especially like at 2:24 when who we suppose is the mom says “Look at this mess!” Apparently the next iteration will be a robot to clean everything up!

This iteration is quite impressive though, as it uses a webcam to track objects using a servomotor and lists the code used. For a view of it tracking stuff along with a view of the PC, fast forward to around 8:45. In addition to tracking the parts using the servo, the non-webcam eye changes color from green to yellow depending on if it’s tracking or not. It also featured a blinking necklace, which is also a plus in our eyes.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TithLO3KzzU&w=470&h=315%5D

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5 thoughts on “A Mannequin Head + Arduino + Webcam = Lots Of Creepy Fun!

    1. Hi, the processing software is Roborealm which is a great little software package. Still haven’t decided whether to stick with that solution or use OpenCV with a .net wrapper. Our home automation and security software is all written with vb.net so it would be nice to be able to integrate the head directly. But Roborealm is still a great package for quickly bring a robot to life – highly recommended.

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