Text Adventures For Arduino Starting With Hunt The Wumpus

Let’s be honest, you’re going to have trouble getting kids to play text-based adventure games these days. But this is one way to get them interested. This weekend you should get together with niece, nephew, son, or daughter and help them build their own hardware and program it with an adventure game. One last project before school’s out and the weather’s nice.

This is [Dan’s] shiny example of Hunt the Wumpus. He used Adafruit’s RGB LCD shield for Arduino. It’s got a character LCD and five buttons. But you can easily breadboard this yourself using a few tactiles plus a screen and uC of your own choosing. One nice touch with this one is the RGB backlight which is used to add an element of danger to the story line. He also mentions a few bugs in the Arduino language which he found while setting up the game.

We’ve been meaning to make our version of Zork using an Arduino, GLCD, and PS/2 keyboard ever since we read “Ready Player One”. This is just a bit more encouragement to get moving on that project.

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5 thoughts on “Text Adventures For Arduino Starting With Hunt The Wumpus

  1. Well it could be Zorg if you write a text adventure game based on “The Fifth Element”. ;)

    Wayyy back in the day, playing Hunt the Wumpus on a Xerox 820-II, I got a pencil and some paper and mapped out the rooms of the maze.

    Turned out the rooms in the classic version are at the vertices of a dodecahedron. Made the game really easy.

    If you want a hard version, get a TI-99/4A emulator and play its Wumpus game. Random maze that’s invisible until you map it, and a harder mode that only shows the room you’re in.

    I built my own Atari joystick adapter and used a good stick (not the crappy genuine 2600 ones) with microswitches to do speed runs on the game.

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