Interactive Table Is Slightly Different Than Most.

[DanNixon] has put together this unique interactive table concept. Usually, when we see the term interactive table, we think of an LED grid. That just happens to be what we see the most of. While this table does, in fact, have an LED grid in the table top, it also has several other features and some very nice construction.

Instead of going the usual boring rectangular route, [DanNixon] decided to build a more visually appealing structure. The build log on that part alone is worth a peek. After that, he has a small LCD screen for displaying headlines and song titles as well as a compact LED matrix for some visualizations.

Great Job [DanNixon]

7 thoughts on “Interactive Table Is Slightly Different Than Most.

  1. I like the coffee table, it’s really a neat design. But, the LCD display’s are really low tech looking. He needs to do something like a Microsoft surface interface. Maybe some capacative touch stuff.

  2. That thing is so butt ugly only a (non-married) techie could love.

    And if you’re going to have a TABLET on top do all the real interaction, why bother with the foofoo stuff built into the table?

  3. Grade D for ergonomics. Base sticks out at sides, no chairs here. Can’t figure out height at work area. Glare off of many planes would kill readability. Klutzy(acorn nuts) not elegant. Soundstage would be nonexistent with speakers in legs. Art that works is the goal here. Kludged apps are one thing, but klutz in art can only reap critique.

  4. Just to clear a few things up:
    – The dead pixels were very annoying, but I had limited time to build this as it was for my A2 Product Design course.
    – It is a COFFEE table, you do not sit at it to work.
    – The tablet only plays music, all the visualisation and web related functionality are controlled by the Arduino in the table
    – I wanted to do something that would be different yet still relatively easy to do, that’s why I used the small LCDs and not full colour displays

    Anyway, I suppose we are all entitled to an opinion.

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