6 Camera Face Scanning Rig

[Ajeromin] was asked to build something cool for a museum exhibit. He took the challenge, and with his facial capture device, we feel he delivered. The writeup is very short, most of the story is in the annotated images. After deciding he was going to do facial capture and convert it to 3d, he had to start planning. There are many ways to do this, but usually the person having their face captured isn’t an excited child at a museum. The presented some unique challenges in that he knew he would have to capture all the images at once, and quickly too. To do this, he lit the entire rig very well to reduce the amount of noise in the pictures and wired all 6 cameras up to snap at the same moment. He even encapsulated the circuit in a glass jar just so the kids could see more of the parts.

The next logical step would be to attach this to a 3d printer and let people buy 3d printed models of their face. The quality is certainly good enough as he shows in one of the final images.

Great job [Ajeromin]


6 thoughts on “6 Camera Face Scanning Rig

  1. Neat. Anybody know if there’s an OSS library that can be used to do this kind of reconstruction? I looked awhile ago and everything I found seemed to need user interaction.

      1. Very cool. I’d love to see more of these everywhere. Mall kiosks, sporting games, game stores, etc.

        Do you have a dedicated tech or are you using Autodesks product for the reconstruction?

    1. The circuit never heated up too much, even in overnight use. The lid had plenty of 1/2″ holes too and I purchased a small ventilation fan in anticipation, but never needed it.

      I really liked the look of the jar. Makes me want to built an entire PC in one of those big sun-tea jars! Maybe with liquid cooling.

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