Hackerspace Intro: HeatSync Labs In Mesa Arizona

Following along with our request for hackerspace tours [Will] sent in this fantastic tour of HeatSync Labs in Mesa Arizona. This is exactly what we love to see. A quick tour, showing us who you are, where you are, what is going on, and what people have done. This place looks like a really well run hackerspace too. Lots of equipment ranging from soldering stations to wood shop, welding booth, laser cutter, 3d printing, 3d scanning, and hopefully (eventually) a fully functional electron microscope! Great job folks, if we’re ever in the area, we’ll be sure to stop by and see what you’ve got going on.

Check out the video tour after the break.

[youtube =http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMRXXNs1DPU]

15 thoughts on “Hackerspace Intro: HeatSync Labs In Mesa Arizona

    1. Hmm, I have no idea… but all of the ones I would want to go to have LOTS of great tools!!! I’m sure knowledge is shared freely there as well.

      I wish I lived by this hackerspace! It’s awexome!!!

    2. Enough that you can afford rent? ;)
      I think once you have a dozen active people, you know you’re on to something. But honestly if HeatSync didn’t work out we would just rent a garage somewhere and it’d be a few friends.
      It really depends on what your model is and how much each person can pay or volunteer to make that model work.
      When we voted to move to this location, we barely had enough members to pay rent, it was a stretch, but by pitching in a little more we made it.

    3. Ditto what Will said. I’d add that a “successful” hackerspace is just one that gets you the tools and contacts you need to get your projects done. The diversity of the people is just as important as the number. Computer, electronics, RF, wood, metal, plastic, 3D design and printing all take different skills. Having at least a few people interested in each who are willing to front some money for tools in their area is a sign that you’re on the right track.

      1. Oh, and “don’t be a dick.” So many spaces suck because the people have shitty attitudes or are ultimately unhelpful when you want to work on your project or get something done. Hold yourself to a bit of a standard and people will come from miles around because the alternatives are filled with assholes… just make really really sure you don’t become an asshole yourself!

    1. If I remember correctly we pay almost 2k and utilities fluctuate. In AZ during the summer months our AC costs go way up. Not too bad, the part of the city it is in isn’t the costliest place.

  1. This is a great place, only a few miles from my house on the “open hack nights” ( where nothing is planned ) there are a lot of people there to talk to

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