[Phil Torrone] Interviews [Bunnie Huang] About Chumby And More

Over at Make, [Phil Torrone] has done an interview with [Bunnie Huang]. [Bunnie] has been a major contributor to the pages of Hackaday as far back as we can remember. He started in 2002 hacking X-boxes and sharing his findings with the world. It is this sharing that makes [Bunnie] stand out. He has always shared all his findings and pushed for open source wherever it would fit. We recently discussed how Chumby, a project to which [Bunnie] contributed is coming to an end. In this interview, he talks about what the future holds for himself and how he plans to spend his time. Most interestingly, he plans on spending a year just building things he’s wanted to see built. Be sure to check out the interview to see what he’s already accomplished.

3 thoughts on “[Phil Torrone] Interviews [Bunnie Huang] About Chumby And More

  1. Yeah Bunnie is the man. Without him there would be no XBMC (even if he didn’t write it at all). He sniffed data on a bus that microsoft didn’t bother securing because they believe it simply TOO FAST.

  2. Wonderful interview, and I want to take the time to thank HaD for using text, a technology far superior to video in my opinion. With text one can read at any speed, go back or forward with just a flick of the eyes, stop/resume without clicking any buttons, understand everything perfectly even if the speaker has an accent or is the variery that goes ‘ahh hmmm’ all the time or the sound is simply bad. Please do more of this, even if it takes time. Hacks are nice but people are behind them, of course, so the human dimension is important. Thanks again, Bunnie & Phil!

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