A Wedding Cake Made Out Of LEDs

[Andrew] wanted to do something special for his wedding. Since he and his fiance [Missy] decided on a cupcake wedding cake, [Andrew] decided to wow his guests with an RGB LED cupcake holder.

The tiers of [Andrew] and [Missy]’s cupcake holder are made of acrylic laser etched with a damask pattern. These tiers are supported by a cylinder embedded with RGB leds that provide edge lighting for the acrylic panels. The effect is a series of permutating lights that illuminate the cupcake holder with every imaginable color. On the top of the cupcake cake, there’s a great cake topper made of frosted and laser cut acrylic that has the same color fade effect as the cupcake holder.

On the electrical side of things, the cupcake holder has 44 LEDs on all it’s levels. FETs driven by a 40-pin PIC18F control all the LEDs and the whole piece is powered by a computer power supply.

It’s an awesome build, especially considering it was finished just days before the wedding. After the break, you can check out a few more videos showing off the beauty of [Andrew] and [Missy]’s wedding cake.





15 thoughts on “A Wedding Cake Made Out Of LEDs

  1. Far out, look great. Could be a wining entry on “cupcake wars”. Now it can earn them some spending money renting it out for weddings and other occasions. In the event it turns out popular make more displays. With luck easy money with little time invested.

  2. I’d love to see a video with the cupcakes on the platform and the lights working.

    Andrew – Would you consider selling this or duplicating this? Please feel free to email me.

    bmacd95b at gmail dot com


  3. My wife would KILL ME!!! If I even dared tried to do something original instead of the traditional garbage my wife would hate me for it.

    WOMEN… thats all that needs to be said.

  4. I’ve had a similar idea with cakes, my gf is a Pastry Chef.

    Could this not have been achieved with just a couple of arduinos?

    I mean it is impressive but I was just curious if it could not just be done with a lot LESS soldering/work.

    Anyways Very nice work, I’m sure it was a huge conversation piece at the wedding.

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