Building A Moat For Your Hackerspace; Alligators, Piranhas Not Included

There has to be something tainting the water supply over at the Louisville Hackerspace LVL1. They’re building a freaking moat in front of their building, ostensibly to keep the black knight and zombies at bay.

After digging a 14-foot deep trench in front of their building – a hazard mitigated by a few steel plates and orange cones generously donated by the Louisville city workers – the members of LVL1 started moving pipes around in preparation for their moat.

Officially, the Louisville city council thinks this project will be a fountain and reflecting pool. City hall seems very friendly; the Louisville chamber of commerce asked about including LVL1 in next year’s Derby tour.

The barely-zombie proof moat build is the latest in a series of builds to improve the security of LVL1. Previous builds included a robotic overlord guarding the building and a robotic arm to cajole members into doing its bidding. Like we said, there’s probably something in the water supply.

11 thoughts on “Building A Moat For Your Hackerspace; Alligators, Piranhas Not Included

  1. @griffon I have tangentially followed the LVL1 saga, apparently the building LVL1 is in used an un-mapped sewer line. The city then filled in said un-mapped sewer line which caused the buildings sewage to backup into the basement. The 14′ hole was dug trying to fix the problem.

    If they could create a moat, that would be fricken awesome.

  2. I’m sure the stink from the backed up sewage line was more effective at keeping people out then a tiny moat.

    Kids today, always have to have something different.

  3. so much for all the hard work that went into all of their projects housed in that building!

    sadly the word sinkhole usually also means
    “building go down the hole”
    “unsafe to enter premesis”
    “all belongings buried”

    … this time, in sewage :(

    best of luck!

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