Kansas City MakerFaire: Greentechweekly’s Coverage

We hadn’t been at the MakerFaire long when we ran into a couple hackaday fans lugging around camera equipment and microphones. I agreed to a quick interview for their show greentechweekly.tv which was fairly painless, then we all went our separate ways. [EcoGeeco] later sent me the footage and I couldn’t help but think… these guys did a better job than I did!  They asked some great questions, got some great footage, somehow managed to get decent audio too!

You’ll recognize many of the projects undoubtedly, but it is really cool to hear what the creators have to say about them, in their own words. Enjoy.

Lessons I can learn from these guys:

  • bring a better camera
  • bring a camera operator
  • show URLs in the video
  • take more time to ask questions

2 thoughts on “Kansas City MakerFaire: Greentechweekly’s Coverage

  1. In that the electric conversions featured are going to be rarely practical for most, undoubtedly there will be those who will use that to dismiss all “green tech”. In the interview with to converted typewriter, in the background can be see battery charger,a box of washing soda, wonder what they where demonstrating there? The first thing that came to mind was a rust removal process. Second was the simple home shop aluminum anodizing process, but I can’t recall what solution was used electrical etch the metal.

    In listening to the host, and camera operator exchange during the first interview, it sounds to me like they are very aware of the camera mic characteristics and try to get the best out of them. The only thing I notice in Caleb’s videos in when he is behind the camera the camera audio can’t cope with with his voice, but when he is in font of the camera it’s fine. With a selection of auxiliary microphones, and homebrew portable audio recording processing Caleb surely can get audio to his liking, but by and large I never noticed a problem with it.

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