Minot Makers Launch Red Bull Too!

When we posted our redbull firing pneumatic cannon, we got a pretty quick email from [Ryan] at Minot Makers. Apparently, they were working on a redbull cannon as well. Theirs, however, has a completely different use. They intend for this to fire a redbull with a gentle arc allowing you to simply catch and drink it. They appear to be firing over a fairly short distance, so this isn’t any more dangerous than, say, tossing a drink to a friend a few feet away.

Their approach to handling the barrel size/can size difference was to build a piston cannon instead of a sabot. This conveniently also allows for easy firing of pretty much anything that will fit! [Ryan] described some future plans to give this an r/c platform allowing it to drive around at events and deliver beverages. That would be pretty cool.

6 thoughts on “Minot Makers Launch Red Bull Too!

  1. @henry it had an air compressor and battery ready for the bottom if we needed it.
    @Ty why use a steel tank? PVC is ‘rated’ up to the same as any ‘commercial’ air bomb you can get, and most air compressors only go up to 180PSI anyways
    @RobinJood we had a hopper setup, that’s harder to implement than you’d think :p

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