Small RC Car, Full Size Controller

[Noah Farrington] sent in his latest hack over at his intensely interesting blog; converting a racing wheel arcade controller to a remote control for his RC car. He picked up the arcade controller for free, and decided it would be much cooler to control an RC car he had handy with it. He elected not to use an Arduino for this project *gasp* ,and do it all with hard logic. He did, however, use the Arduino in the design process *phew* in order to figure out the working of the RC control board. The final board is pretty simple compared to the Arduino solution, a few op-amps, a voltage regulator, and some passive components. Not bad at all for what [Noah] claims is one of his first big projects. Maybe he’ll post a video of it in action some time soon.

10 thoughts on “Small RC Car, Full Size Controller

  1. Add an on-board camera and a tv and you’ve got the best racing game around hehe. An accelerometer for force feedback could be pretty sweet too! Great work – I had this idea for a project a long time ago, just couldn’t be bothered.

    I had an xmod car with a camera+transmitter taped onto the hood – the range on the transmitter was so-so, but holy hell was it sweet racing around the house!

  2. FYI: it’s just a PC or console game controller.. arcade controllers for driving games are made from metal, because they have to stand up to a lot of abuse. Plastic ones like this would not survive 5 minutes in an arcade with 12 year olds.

  3. Now all you need is a couple more cars and some very tiny rednecks and you can have your own NASCAR! Oh and stop liquoring up that cat, use catnip like everyone else!

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