Hackerspace Intro: Xin Che Jian In Shanghai

[Paul] wrote in to submit this video introduction to the Xin Che Jian hackerspace in Shanghai. It appears as though they have a fairly active space there, with several ongoing projects. They show off a range of things from an intelligent wireless power strip to aquaponics. The space seems to have the usual amenities such as project storage and a machine shop. The familiar sound of someone explaining that several of the tools are “almost working” reminds us that it is a small world, and we’re all pretty much the same.

9 thoughts on “Hackerspace Intro: Xin Che Jian In Shanghai

  1. i’m a member of xinchejian, it’s great to be there and a welcome to shanghai, lots of people with over 80 members so far. dont pick on jia-qi – it was hard enough getting the people i got in the video, camera shy and english shy.. good job to everyone! i should make a new video with “bits i couldn’t show” everyone is busy preparing for the upcoming maker carnival in shanghai in November expecting over 150,000 visitors over 3 days! send an email to xinchejian if you’re interested in helping out

  2. “seems a bit crowded” – welcome to Asia! But the crowding at Xinchejian is more from the amount of activity than small space.

    “but a critical flaw in the explanation…” – that was a typical slight imperfection from a non-native English speaker. Her English is about a million times better than my Chinese :)

  3. I was in Shanghai doing some “shopping” and was having problems trying to find some bits while rapidly running out of time before the flight back home. In desperation I emailed Xin Che Jian looking for some pointers on where to buy.

    Not only did they find the bits I was looking for, someone went and collected them from the suppliers and got them back to their space so all I had to do was go and pick them up.

    I spent a couple of happy hours there chatting about various projects and was made most welcome!
    The guys and girls there have done a great job getting their space running and it’s certainly a lot more “active” than my local space in the UK. I saw 3 new members who signed up in the couple of hours I was there.

    Good luck guys and thanks again for the help!

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