Hackaday Links: Sept 15, 2012

Very tiny keyboard

The idea behind the iControlPad2 is pretty simple – just take the slide-out keyboard from a phone, discard the phone part, add two analog sticks and a D-pad, and put Bluetooth in it. It makes for a very small keyboard perfect for controlling a Raspi, a home media server, or even a phone or tablet. I think it’s cool, anyway.

I mustache you a question. Where’s the Hawaiian Shirt?

At her local hackerspace, [Akki] heard someone pronouncing Raspberry Pi as, “Raspberry pee eye.” Of course this joke needed to be taken to its fullest absurdity, so [Akki] gave her Raspi a [Tom Selleck] mustache. Slightly better than the Googly Eyes Arduino shield.

Not giving a Flip about proprietary batteries

When powering a Flip video camera, [Dan] had two choices: regular AA batteries, or a proprietary battery rechargeable through the USB port. When the rechargeable battery is inserted, it closes a small switch telling the Flip it can recharge these batteries. Wanting to put his own rechargeable batteries in his camera, [Dan] closed the switch with a little bit of cardboard, thus allowing him to use his own NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Building operating systems from scratch

A while ago we posting something about a Cambridge professor putting up a tutorial for developing an operating system from scratch on the Raspberry Pi. [Joey] decided to follow these tutorials and has a blog dedicated to his adventures in OS development. It’s not a custom UNIX-inspired OS yet….

Put a quarter in, get a goldfish

[Yooder] over on Reddit spent a week turning a gumball machine into a fish tank. A very nice build that is now home to a few neon tetras. Check out the imgur album for a full build walkthrough.

13 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: Sept 15, 2012

    1. I personally think the hardware will probably be good and I wouldn’t expect delays like with the Pandora; they learned from their mistakes.
      But on the other it’s Craig.
      (if you’ve followed the Pandora project closely you know what I mean)

  1. I agree a nice build, I would have only made one change, I would have put the light switch on the front knob that you turn to get the gum ball. Or do what I do for all my tanks I use a tamp timer to control the lights.
    None the less a great build.

  2. Got a chuckle from Raspberry P.I. :D

    Most unconventional objects turned into aquariums suffer from inadequate biological filtration, are too hard to maintain, or have other faults that make them inadequate to keep happy and healthy fish. I could find no serious fault with this one, so good job!

  3. did anyone else notice that the icontrolpad2 looks EXCATLY like the controls from a open pandora. heck even the open pandora logo can be seen in the background when he is in the lab in the kickstater video

      1. It’s designed by the same engineer team. The factories are all based in europe, so the quality is going to be countlessly better.

        I’ve pledged already.. I actually really want this project to succeed. but the media has been pretty flat.

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