Zelda Engagement Ring Box Seals The Deal

Congratulations to [John Scancella] and his wife to be. Their recent engagement was aided by one of [John’s] projects. Since [Betsy] is a big fan of Zelda, he thought it would be fun to present the ring with the Zelda music playing in the background. He and a friend combined forces to build what you seen in this image.

The music is played by an Arduino with the help of a wave shield. This is pretty much a one-use item so battery life was never a concern. A magnetic switch was used to detect when the box was opened and start the music playing.

You can see the full-sized images after the break, but we can tell that [John] went with a traditional engagement ring. We’re still waiting to see if 3D printed rings are going to catch on in the geek scene. If you just can’t give her anything but precious metal there’s always the idea of encoding messages on the band itself.

22 thoughts on “Zelda Engagement Ring Box Seals The Deal

  1. lol man that awesome, i made a box like this and had so many people talk to me about making an engagement ring box. all you need is a $11 radio shack sound module and a lever switch

    1. I bought 2 of those radslack things and the audio is real bad. Anything that uses the speaker as a mic is trash in my book.
      Now the only thing I will but from radslack is heatsink compound when I have to replace inverter bridges on the UPS systems I service. the only bad thing is that if I have to replace the inverter section on a 500kva unit I have to buy at least 10 tubes. the inverter IGBT are almost 8 inched square and there are 8 of them.

      1. it has both a speaker and a mic, also you can just clip off the mic put a headphone jack so you can record trough line in like i do makes it sound worlds better, but still the speakers are bad. for what i use them for its much easier than using a full micro controller

  2. Congratulations!
    I used a hand built GeoGiftBox(tm) to propose to my wife. It is a box very similar to the reverse geocache puzzle box. She didn’t want me to publish the story, I guess she found it way too geeky.

  3. uhh… really?

    Flame me all you want, but this is just about the most annoying combination of things to grace this site in some time: Arduino (with a shield, no less), The Legend of Zelda, a mention of 3D printing, and it’s an actual article on Hackaday instead of just a link (because it’s lame; that’s where it belongs). Yeah yeah yeah I should be more considerate of poser geeks… whatever. I know this is “hack”aday, but this isn’t a hack. There is no dirty fingernails engineering going on here. This is a man who used a product the way it was intended. Are we going to see an article about a man who actually set up his home theater system correctly next?

    This site has really tuned into a certain audience over the years, hasn’t it? It’s like a non-stop ad for kits from Sparkfun or something.

      1. Personal standards, huh? That’s a canned response if I’ve ever heard one.

        Don’t you guys care about the opinions you get about this site? I’m voicing one.

        I’ll admit that mine wasn’t an example of the most constructive criticism, but you all do your job well enough most of the time, that I figured you probably knew what I was getting at in that last comment. Oh well. Maybe you all are just really really lucky when you pick the better ones. You guys seem to think tons of crap is “pretty damn awesome”.

  4. “You can see the full-sized images after the break, but we can tell that [John] went with a traditional engagement ring”

    Ok, what the hell? Two things: first, there is no contradiction in this sentence. you use the word ‘but’ when there’s a contradiction or unexpected change. This is the second post today where this was incorrect. I understand that you’re makers and grammar doesn’t seem that important to you, but (oh hey, this is how you use that word) you are also a site with a large reader base. Grammar should be important to you solely based on that. Take 1 minute and proofread your posts (have someone who didn’t write it do it).

    Second, this is not a good thing to say. Let me rephrase how this may sound to some people: “while he made a cool project, he just used a normal engagement ring”. It also implies that making a ring is better. It also takes away from what he did, which is cool, and is what you should focus on. This whole bit is a bit too preachy, is unnecessary, and should not be included in the post.

    1. Good Sir.

      While I agree with your in depth analysis of an unimportant part of the article, I must also convey my dissatisfaction about your analogy. It seems rather forced and I do not believe anyone would or could read it that way.

      May you have an excellent day!

  5. I don’t care about grammar, I do not care about whether the quality of the article is on par with the standard published ones, and I do not care if it has an arduino or some other nonsense.

    What I DO care about is:
    “he thought it would be fun to present the ring with the Zelda music playing in the background”.

    I hope for the love of Zelda that he used the “chest open/discovery” sound:


    Also, since no-one seems to bother: Congratulations Sir with the engagement. May you both be happy :)

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