Hackerspace Intro: Skullspace And AssentWorks In Winnipeg

The signs on the front door might be a little small, but the space which AssentWorks and Skullspace inhabit is anything but. [Matt] takes us on a tour of the Winnipeg, Canada makerspace and hackerspace.

The two spaces occupy one floor of the building but are partitioned for different purposes. AssentWorks, which is called a makerspace, is a business incubator. The tour shows it as a large and tidy area where small businesses can pool resources to maintain and stock the various shop and work areas. We can’t help but think of it as an OSB jungle as it seems all the interior walls have been built from Oriented Strand Board.

The second part of the video shows off the hackerspace:¬†Skullspace. This is much less polished, but shows a lot of promise. There are several work spaces for electronics, machining, and woodworking. There is also an arcade room, a classroom, and a few other offerings. All in all there’s 8350 square feet of space between the two.

You can see the ten-minute tour embedded after the break.

7 thoughts on “Hackerspace Intro: Skullspace And AssentWorks In Winnipeg

    1. Maybe not piss stains. It’s 100+ years old and I know the roof was leaking before they moved in. Nothing smelled like piss, but, it is in the “North of Portage and Main” district, once upon a time known as the worst neighborhood in Canada.

      There’s still vagrants in the area, though that door is locked at night. Much of the community has been or is being gentrified. The whole building is rented out to various co-ops and arts groups (14 in a 1-block radius).

      This exhausts my knowledge of Winnipeg. I was on there 7 hours.

  1. Despite having the blessing of many of the members I was never able to become a member due to one member who I don’t know objecting to my application for a reason I never got. That was the end of that.

    Some very smart minds there.

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