A Pair Of N64 Portables


Casemodding has moved far beyond the old portabalized Ataris and NESes of only a few years ago. Now, the new hotness is more modern consoles including the GameCube, Dreamcast, and the venerable N64. Two N64 case mods rolled into our tip line over the past few days, and we can’t think of a better display of case fabrication and console modification than these two.

First up is [Travis]’s N64 handheld. The case was constructed out of a sheet of ABS plastic with Bondo used to make everything sleek and smooth. There’s a 7″ display in this handheld as well as two LiIon batteries able to provide up to three hours of play time. The fit and finish on this build is spectacular, a testament to [Travis]’ patience and Bondo skills.

Next up is a very very tiny build claiming to be the smallest N64 portable. It’s the work of [bud] and is barely larger than an N64 cartridge. Inside is a 3.5 inch screen and enough LiPos to provide about 2 hours of gaming time. Unlike other (larger) builds, [bud] put the cartridge slot on the outside of the case allowing the cartridge to stick out at a 90 degree angle.

Both very awesome builds that really show off what can be done with a lot of sanding and body filler. You can check out the videos for each casemod after the break.



8 thoughts on “A Pair Of N64 Portables

  1. Since when is an ugly, flat-white plastic case that looks like it was shat out of a budget mold in Shenzhen “moving far beyond” the portable Ataris that Ben Heck made, which as far back as the early 00’s appeared professionally-made, nicely routed, had nicely designed button labels, and had a tasteful design?

    1. Seeing as style ‘progress’ in electronic devices generally means making them less functional I don’t see how it has? If anything it has regressed as these N64 portables look like the controls would be more comfortable to operate and having a cartridge perpendicular to the screen like that would limit how you can hold it without blocking the view.

      Now, if it were knife-edge thin so that players get ‘paper’ cuts, had only one button and no way to charge the battery… and the crappiest possible speakers (b/c what else fits in something that thin) Now, That would be style!

  2. All the mods in the “portable console” category have ALWAYS been ugly. Even the ones by Ben Heck. Perhaps, especially his. There I said it.

    Anyway, still a good job all around here. They’re interesting nonetheless and get the mind thinking about other project designs. The whole reason most of us look at these is to see how odd little challenges were tackled by someone else like the button layout of the N64 controls, the types of jacks/connectors used, etc. We all think about how we’d do it, but it’s a breath of fresh creative air when you see someone else implement their ideas.

    It’s clear that there’s a divide on this site between the people who actually create things in their spare time and those who don’t and can only see projects as finished products (as if they belong on a shelf at a store). They’re not meant to please anyone but the creator. Because of that, some may even consider them “art”. No, it’s not AT ALL the kind you put in a gallery or ponder deep philosophical thoughts about, but more like rationalized folk art created from “Shenzhen budget molds” and hand-soldered rat’s nests. It touches everyone who has ever played with Lego or programmed spaghetti in basic as a child. The goal of this kind of folk art is to attempt to express rational and logical thoughts, as opposed to the emotionally expressive and aesthetic art people are used to.

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