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[John] says, “I noticed an unfortunate lack of many flamethrower guitars on the web so I filled the need. ” That’s just awesome by us.

This series of guitar-mounted flamethrowers started with a small build, able to shoot a six-foot flame for about 40 seconds. Yes, very theatrical, but not something you’d want to change out after every song. From there the builds progressed to systems with more barrels, more fuel tanks, and a huge system that shoots 18-foot long flames colored with standard pyrotechnic supplies.

It should go without saying that this stuff probably isn’t something you should try at home. That being said, you really have to admire the craftsmanship and tenacity to make a guitar mounted flamethrower. Just don’t bring it to an indoor gig.


11 thoughts on “FLAMEnco Guitar

  1. Turn the canisters upside down and keep them higher than the nozzle to have liquid propane to ignite. That should look more like what people expect when they hear flame thrower. Perhaps puff and sip control. Ruben’s does it’s thing automatically. I think getting the guitar to adjust the flames as to how it’s played may be several degree more difficult. I recall a time when a band playing at the Sherman Tank in Goodland, KS thought it would be far out to light the drums on fire as the drummer played on. Not a good idea on a stage with a low combustible ceiling. They didn’t burn the place down, so I guess only royal ass chewing was all that come of it, as well as contract stipulations, that weren’t there before.

    1. Good tip! I will definitely try elevating the canisters more, I’ll probably have to make a bigger expansion chamber to get good pressure tho. I can’t use more propane if I want color because the propane must act as a transparent propellant or the orange yellow color of the propane drowns out the alcohol and salt colorants. I agree that in some ways it is not what comes to mind with flamethrower, but if one was in the path of the burster system they would be lit on fire quite easily as the stream is pretty much pure denatured alcohol propelled by propane and some of the alcohol doesn’t aerosolize. I am experimenting with a souped up version of the $15 flamethrower hack found on this site.

  2. Must be some type of regressive cave man gene that makes some people grunt “oog oog fire good”.

    I guess if you don’t have any music skills, threatening to set your audience on fire is one way to keep them from noticing your lack of talent.

    1. To summarize “Why can’t everyone have the same interests as me”…

      The music he played was sufficient but the video wasn’t about that. If flamethrower mounted guitars doesn’t interest you then why did you click a link that is about flamethrower mounted guitars.

      As for making the guitar control the flame then maybe converting the guitar pitch into MIDI. Then the MIDI map would control the fire just fine…I mean control shiny hot thing oog oog

  3. (Guy who made the thing) I totally forgot to mention that the mark 1,2,3, and 6 all can be controlled remotely via a hacked rf led remote receiver system. So, someone off stage can actually manually make the flames line up with the music. Not quite enough to align flames with every strum, but a good start. Once I start using my arduino instead of servo control circuits with the system I’ll be able to get a good sound to flame response going.

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