OSH Park Adds Board Sharing Feature


OSH Park continues to get better and better. We think the recent addition of Project Sharing is a huge feature! Obviously this lets you order up the open source goodness posted by others with a minimum amount of effort. But to us there are a couple of other things that make this valuable.

First off, the ability to browse through the projects can be a huge inspiration for your own work. Secondly, the board files themselves are available for download, and it looks like you can post links to your repository if you so choose when sharing your project. This makes OSH Park something of a Thingiverse for PCBs. Browse through what’s offered then download the files to etch yourself or just to use as reference to see how others do things when laying out the traces. And of course the rock bottom prices offered make this a no-brainer for shared breakout board designs.

The Twitter post calls this the “early stages” of the feature. We can’t wait to see what they come up with as it matures.

8 thoughts on “OSH Park Adds Board Sharing Feature

    1. Yeah, right now it’s mostly to fill the need of “I’m posting to a forum, and I want to give people a way to order their own.”

      In the future, there’ll be places to share additional metadata (assembly docs, parts lists, firmware, etc). For now, people are encouraged to link to the project’s official webpage. :)

      1. Sounds good. I liked your interview on the AmpHour.

        Jon Said, “Did I just get advertised to?”
        I think of it more as a press release or relevant info.

        I still can’t figure out how a watermelon boat is related to PCB boards. I thought it might be because they both may have park as tags words because you might run your boat at a park pond, But it doesn’t have that keyword.

      2. Do you have a way to edit the text to go with the projects? I’ve marked a couple boards as available, but don’t have links to anything else. One of them was based on another open source project, I just modified it to have onboard GPS and Bluetooth…

  1. When I read “Board sharing” I assumed it meant, 2 people could have their designs put onto one board, and then cut in two, or something like that.

    Also, what does the watermelon post have to do with ANY of this?

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