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It’s been just over three weeks since Supply Frame bought Hackaday and a lot has been going on. Almost all of it has been behind the scenes as we make our way through the scaffolding that was built up over the years to run the site. I’ll share more on that as things develop. But now I’d like to introduce you to the staff.

We’ve actually had a staff page for about a year but I’m not sure it was ever announced. Check out the Staff roll call to see a picture and bio of each of our team members. [Brian Benchoff] and I make up the editorial team. [Eric Evenchick] joins us once again as a writer. And over the last couple of weeks we hired [Mathieu Stephan] (aka Limpkin), [Josh Marsh], and [Michael Ciuffo] (aka ch00f). The six of us come from a wide range of backgrounds. We have interests and skill sets that complement each other, and as we get used to working as a team this will equate to better features and more original content. Please join me in welcoming the new writers, and long live Hackaday!


43 thoughts on “Hackaday Staff Update

  1. Very nice to meet all of you!

    It seems like the frequency of the hacks has been a lot higher the last few weeks. The new hires have something to do with that?

    Keep up the great work, guys!

    1. I most say I love the new pace/quality/ etc. There was a time a few months back where it felt like there was a decision made behind the scenes to limit the # of posts a day to 2 or 3, and that drove me nuts. I love reading about posts with varying degrees of awesomeness/difficulty/originality and I don’t think their should be a single standard every post should be held to. I just hated not getting a healthy dose of projects to read about to support my internet addiction.

      After all, if a post doesn’t interest you because it’s not a new idea or it’s Arudino, just skip over it!

      1. Well said Bill.

        You’re right, there was a decision earlier this year which limited the number of posts we published. I’m glad that was lifted. I’m in the same boat with you that I wanted to see more posts published. Not everything can be elite hax0r material… but I’m interested in all kinds of stuff that doesn’t pop up all the time.

        I for one would like to see more home chemistry experiments. I don’t think I’ll be trying them out myself, but I like to read about what people are up to with them.

    1. If there is any formatting changes, I’d like to see it go back to the black and white pictures scotch taped to the screen, and no capital letters. Bring back the glory days! :)

      1. As for the photos, you should be able to script in black and white photo conversion, in addition to changing the background and text colors(I do this already for red on black instead of green). I hope the whole site doesn’t regress to this, though. Surely you wouldn’t want to swap your color TV for a black and white one for nostalgia…

        Capital letters serve a purpose, especially on a site related to science. There is a huge difference between mW and MW, for example. They, in addition to punctuation, make the content easier to read, especially if you read very fast…

    2. Please God NO!! I think other sites should learn from here. For me this site is the easiest on the eyes out of any I know of!! Plus it would lose it’s hacker/console/shadowy vibe that makes this site what it is!!

      I can’t think of a worse suggestion!

  2. Don’t you F**K with the site layout…. It’s perfect the way it is now…..

    white text on black background is easier to read…. adjust your monitor settings if you must …..but DON’T F**K w/ the layout….

    Oh and welcome to the new overlords…. Plan for WORLD DOMINATION taking shape…

  3. It’s be nice to have names on the photos above so readers outside of the immediate hackaday community who are interstate and overseas can put a name to a face. Would that be possible? It would I think give the editorial staff a bit more ‘connectedness’ to the readership. Apart from that, great work guys, and keep it going! (Although I do miss LIFE and Handmade, I must say).

    1. Oh, never mind my comment above (frantically waves mysterious hand gesture) – I posted it before I saw the ‘Check out the staff roll call’ link…. /facepalm

  4. Hmm. Not a single bald guy. Sad sad sad. Keep up the good work. I have been an avid reader for several years. Frankly this is the only site I have not abandoned, though I thank slashdot for getting me here.

  5. You need a community coordinator! Someone who understands building communities and encouraging discussion and making and enforcing rules and all that good stuff. HAD is certainly big enough and I think it’s time we grow up a bit… I like HAD but the trolls and aggressive attitudes and put-downs here make me hesitant to recommend the site to others.

    1. I never even noticed that. Sometimes it works out that way without intent at ll. All it really prove Hackaday isn’t going out of it’s way to be PC. Clearly Hackaday has no gender bias as Projects by females have been featured

      1. I don’t think Hackaday intended to hire only white men. That’s not the problem. The problem is they obviously did *not* intend to hire a diverse staff.

        I love that you think the only value in having a diverse staff is that you’ll appear more politically correct. I also love that you think that Hackaday “clearly .. has no gender bias” simply because they’ve had a few projects built by women. In this day and age, maybe we could aim a bit higher than simply “occasionally including females on the site”?

        Personally, I’d like to see a diverse staff that includes women and minorities — these people bring unique (and interesting) perspectives to discussions — especially on technology. When I’m only exposed to writing by white men, I feel like I’m missing out.

        1. How about we judge people based on the quality of their work and not on the melanin/estrogen levels of their body? Diversity for the sake of diversity is just as backwards as intentional discrimination.

        2. Hi I actually take offense to being called a “MINORITY”. Sometimes we think we are helping something but in reality we are only making it worse, let life flow man everything falls as it should and in the place that it should at the time that is most suited. Don’t force it.

          Have not been on the site for a few days, sigh.
          Finally the staff list, I was complaining long enough lol….thanks for the list and keep up the good work ya.

  6. Forgot to point out something here for future commenters and HaD supporters….
    A true hacker has no sex, race or nationality and your physical attributes are irrelevant all that matters is performance. All that is important is the works/hacks that you bring forward everything else is secondary. If a person operates otherwise then you really must not be from the internet because on the internet we exist as IP addresses….ones and zeros nothing else.

    Stylometry may be the only way to understand a person on the net in combination to the content. Can’t understand why anyone bothers but lets keep this ish in mind if we really consider ourselves hackers or whatever internetz ppl refer to themselves as in this light.

    Good day to all.

  7. Let’s not think of diversity for the sake of some diversity rule, but to encourage a wider variety of people to take an interest in hacking/making. If you look at makezine, they have a good deal of diversity, particularly with women, and their posts are good reading. I recall the story of the teenage girl who is rebuilding a Fiero and when she met the original designers of that car, it turned out they were largely, if not all, women. Very inspiring to know that women play an oft-overlooked role in engineering and science.

  8. Didn’t see a valid email to send this to so I’ll post it here.
    Did you stop sending the daily emails?
    That last one I received was 8/19/2013.
    If you did, would you be so kind as to make a post stating so and
    the reason why?
    Thanks for letting us know.

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