Electronic Wedding Attire For A Geeky Wedding

In the past we featured many projects that were used at [Bill] and [Mara]’s wedding. However we forgot the most important thing: their electronically enhanced clothes.

As you can see from the picture above, the wife opted for LEDs while the husband preferred Electro Luminescent (EL) wires/panels. The ATtiny based platform LilyTiny was picked to control all the LEDs, and charlieplexing was implemented as only 4 IO pins were available. Animations were made using Vixen and exported via a python script.

To power the EL wires, [Bill] hacked a Sparkfun EL battery pack/inverter. He removed the shell and took out the inverter part, reverse engineered the design enough to figure out how to bypass the onboard microcontroller that generated the on/off/blink function. Finally, he 3D printed enclosures to pack the electronics with one Li-Ion battery pack. A boost regulator was used to supply the 12v required by the EL panel power supply.

Don’t forget to also check out their centerpieces and wedding invitations that we previously featured.

15 thoughts on “Electronic Wedding Attire For A Geeky Wedding

  1. I really start hating this “geeky” hype – you wear glasses, talk about “gadgets”, blink an LED with arduino, buy a comic book – OMG I AM SUCH A GEEK! This wedding is the same bullshit. Strapped on some LEDs and stuff and call it a geek :) pfft.

  2. This marriage is doomed.

    His attire clearly shows that he is not taking his wedding vows seriously.
    He looks like a clown with that crap on.
    It looks like something you would see in a cheesy Vegas ‘Blue Man Group’ Show.

    He clearly does not understand what his wedding day is all about.
    I give them 6 months at best.

    1. Yes because if something isn’t done exactly how you think it should it has to mean they’re not taking it seriously. It can’t possibly be that someone can do something their own way and take just as OR EVEN MORE seriously than you think.

      Honestly there better be a snark tag on this post I missed.

      Weddings have been done on countless ways throughout time all just as good as the last. The problem isn’t how this wedding happened it’s your closed minded view of how things should work.

  3. Wow such haters!

    FYI, this wasn’t EL wire on a suit for a regular wedding, this was an engineering theme wedding. We meet in college, both EE majors. We fight over the soldering iron. We help each other on ‘just because’ projects. She got her entire bridal party to sit down and paint circuit board traces on a 25 foot isle runner for the wedding. Did I mention I proposed to her on a circuit board she designed for a project? We didn’t do this for our wedding to be ‘geeks’, we did this because it’s a cornerstone of who we are as a couple.

    Also, we just past our 6 month anniversary.

    1. Don’t listen to them. You look like a happy couple. Maybe they are just jealous or something. Besides, there is nothing wrong with what you wear. And in this case it reflects who you guys are. And it was original. Maybe they didn’t see the first post about your wedding and failed to see the youtube video.

      Anyways, congratulations on your “past 6 months anniversary” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFAZ3aMwmsM XD

  4. Why is everyone hating on this? If you are having a bad day, don’t go around ruining others’.

    As for the wedding, it is absolutely creative and very unique. I wish hackaday posts more of this kind of stuff in the future. Fun to read and quite heart warming.

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