Organizing Transistors


Late last year, [matseng] set up an interesting challenge for himself: design a new PCB every week, send it off to a fab house, and build a new project. It’s a grueling endeavor, but some of these projects are actually very useful and cool. One of the best so far is the TraId – a board that identifies a transistor type and pinout with a nice LED interface.

This build was partly inspired by Dangerous Prototypes’ Part Ninja, a board that determines the pinouts and values of transistors, resistors, caps, and diodes. The TraId is a much more cut down version usable only for transistors, displaying the orientation of the pins and type of transistor on a set of 8 LEDs.

Although the design is very sparse, we could imagine something like this being very useful in a hackerspace, lab, or anywhere else the gremlins of chaos come to reorganize parts drawers. If you’d like to build your own, all the required files are up on the gits.

10 thoughts on “Organizing Transistors

  1. This could be modified for testing SMD transistors. These suckers don’t even have a full part number marked on them! I’d rather use a strong magnifying glass than hope the on line catalogs happen to have a particular obscure transistor.

    1. get the HFE from your multimeter and thats good enough if the transistor is small enough to be unable to find data on it as your probably not going to put it under much load or use them for real sensitive stuff …

    1. you might start designing your own part ninja. I don’t think dangerous prototypes will ever make a product of that. Matter of fact do hasn’t really produced any prototypes in a long time

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