Calling European Hackerspaces!

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In a few weeks time, I will be in Düsseldorf on business for the world’s largest plastics and rubber industry trade show, the K-Show. That’s not very interesting for you, but afterwards a coworker and I will be traveling for a week in Europe, and being the geeks we are, we would rather visit you instead of the typical tourist attractions (mind you I have lived in Germany for half a year).

The majority of our Hackerspace Intro pieces thus far have been limited to North America, so we would love to visit your Hackerspace in Europe! Take pictures, ask a few questions, get a tour, and share it all here!

If you are part of, or know of a cool hackerspace in approximately the geographical doodle shown on Google Maps above, let us know in the comments! We will be traveling around October 19th to the 24th.

108 thoughts on “Calling European Hackerspaces!

  1. You’re welcome to drop by in our hackspace in Siegen (HaSi). If you plan to visit the hackspaces in the Rhein Main Area (notably the RaumZeitLabor in Mannheim has a conference “Trollcon” on the 26th and 27th october) you’ll come across Siegen along the way.

    We’re a fairly new hackspace (just moved into new rooms) but there should be some things to gaze at :)


  2. Some more hackerspaces in the Netherlands (I am not a member of either one: tkkrlab in Enschede, and bhack in Zwolle (resp. and Check with bhack first what they are up to, it seems they have really just started and had like only one meeting yet)

  3. Hey Guys, you can come to Lille, France (in your geographical doodle), we can have a Beer and i can show you some cool things here, and maybe organize a visit in the Fablab Lille ? Also, i have a few projects to show you around Arduino and RaspberryPI in my own lab !

  4. You guys can gladly come visit Brainstorm ( site is only in dutch, I now realise), a new hackerspace near Antwerp in the early stages of starting up. Although the term hackerspace doesn’t quite apply; more of a creative community. But the electronic/computer geeks are surely present! Can we tempt you with some Belgian beers? :)

  5. Not really a hackerspace, but if you guys are planning on going to Ghent (Belgium) around that time, you really should consider visiting F.A.C.T.S. (
    That’s the place where all the Belgian geeks will be that weekend.

    My life hasn’t been the same since Hackaday published an article about my MoMoLight project ( )
    So I would love to meet the people responsible for that.

    You can find me at the R2 builders booth at F.A.C.T.S.

  6. You are of course welcome to Protospace (.nl). We are a fablab, not a hardcore hackerspace, so we have a lot more women visitors! But more importantly, we have cool stuff/machines that you can use. (for free if you are willing to share, on tuesdays and thursdays).
    All of that is valid for all other hackaday readers too, no need to travel far.

  7. Feel free to drop by NURDspace in Wageningen. We’re one of the smaller hackerspaces in The Netherlands. We’ve recently moved to a new location, and that’ll be celebrated on October 19th ( ) with a party.

    Obviously you (and any other people reading this) are welcome to visit any other date as well. Wednesday is our open evening (17:00-00:00), at any other time you can check the current status on our homepage ( or check on irc ( #nurds)

  8. On Saturday the 12th, there’s also a Mini Maker Faire in Groningen (in the northern part of The Netherlands). Linkage:

    If I’m not mistaken there’s also a monthly hackerspace meeting at the FabLab there, is there someone who can confirm this?!?

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