Trinket Contest Update #4


Today is the last day to get your Trinket Contest entries into us! After the break you’ll find another dozen that were sent in. If you’re waiting to see your own appear here please be patient as we’ve got a lot to wade through.

The contest asks you slap the Hackaday logo onto something for a chance at winning one of 20 Trinket dev boards donated by Adafruit for this contest.

trinket-penny-milled-logoWe never realized how popular milling coins actually is. [David] follows the dime entry from the last update with his own logo on a penny. He apologizes for not having a microscope handy for taking a picture of his work.

trinket-ps2-etching[Chris] etched the logo into the back of his Portable PS2 project. It may look familiar because we recently featured the hack by itself.

trinket-laser-phosphorescentThis entry is from [Ronny]. He used a two-axis laser rig to trace out the skull and bones on a phosphorescent surface.

trinket-fem-solutionWe don’t really understand how this one was done. [Jonathan] is doing his graduate work in computational modeling problems in geophysics using the Finite Element Method. He writes: “My submission is a numerical solution to a simple differential equation in a domain shaped like the Hackaday logo.”. If you want to know more, ask in the comments and hopefully he’ll chime in with answers.

trinket-light-paintingHere’s a long-exposure shot of the logo being light-painted with an LED. Learn more about [Mark’s] rig from his blog post.

trinket-hd44780[Joseph’s] entry is drawn on a character LCD. He posted info on how he went from vector graphic to custom characters.

trinket-3d-printed-logo-ringYou can join the secret club by printing and wearing your own Hackaday ring. This was designed and shared by [Rich].

trinket-stencil-cutAt his summer internship [Chase] used a vinyl cutter to make a bunch of stickers. You should recognize the ATX bench supply hack which he plastered with the HaD logo.

trinket-galaxy-sIII-splashscreen[Bob] used the logo as his Galaxy SIII splashscreen.

trinket-HaD-hotkeyLet’s be honest, every needs a dedicated keyboard key for loading up Hackaday, right? [Joshua] used SolidWorks and CorelDraw to design the key for his Logitech G11 keyboard.

trinket-ohs-badge[Anool] slapped the logo on the ePaper display of his Open Hardware Summit badge. If you haven’t heard about this hardware check out our post detailing the OHS badge.

trinket-arduino-lcd-shieldAnd rounding up this post, [Hasan’s] diy Arduino LCD shield is perfect for displaying his trinket contest entry.

8 thoughts on “Trinket Contest Update #4

    1. I designed and built a cnc router table in my workshop. I had used it only on wood up to this point but figured i’d give engraving a shot. I used a 30 degree v bit after milling a circle shaped pocket in a scrap of wood to hold the penny. Took about 10 minutes to setup and mill. The photo is pretty bad as the logo looks much better in person.

  1. The numerical method one looks like he defined a domain where the boundaries were shaped like the HaD logo. My experience is only with thermal analysis problems like this, but I’d assume he applied an isothermal boundary condition, so the border would be solid and blue, and then gave the internal cells a constant heat generation (or their geophysical analogue). Close?

  2. Perhaps it has been done, I really hadn’t been paying attention to this series. While wouldn’t be a trinket exactly, I would make tail light lens cover with Hackaday logo on it. That or something similar to the Fraternity logos( the Masons logo seems to be fairly common around here) I have seen on tail light. Neither item should interfere with the function of the tail light. BTW; don’t punch anyone in the face with that ring, it may leave am incriminating mark.

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