20 thoughts on “Slap Hackaday Logo on Something and Win a Trinket

  1. Unfortunately I can’t get my direct-write photolithography rig working by next week, but I’ll try and expose the HaD logo and save the SEM images for funsies.

  2. Clarification needed – so does it have to be a project per se or can I just guerrilla tag the logo somewhere like on the side of a building etc

    1. It doesn’t have to be a project, but I’m sure there’s a Hackaday/Supplyframe lawyer that will say, “Don’t do anything illegal”

      We’re really hoping there’s a farmer out there that will harvest a HaD logo in a field of corn. The cost of doing that, and finding a guy with a plane to take a picture, probably doesn’t make economic sense for a $7 Trinket, but that’s the gold standard we’re looking for.

  3. Hmm. A quadracopter dropping herbicide in certain locations to form the HAD logo? Then later once it takes effect you’d photograph it with the same quad? I know the worst idea ever :-)

  4. By any chance, can you provide preferred down-sampled raster versions of the logo too? I’d love something that could fit in 128×128 px, 100×100 or 64×64, etc. I’ve got a project where I was thinking last night that it could be applied to graphical imagery, and this is like a perfect coincidence… like a plate of shrimp.

    1. its easy to resize and rasterize a vector image. open it in photoshop or inkscape. there are probably tutorials online if you’re stumped

      1. Yes, i know i can do it, but for logos, people often have pre-rendered/pixel tweaked versions for low resolution renders. If they already have one made, perhaps in a press package, I should use that one.

  5. Well, you could always use the Favicon from the site if you had to. It is only 16×16.

    =( I tried to get them to let me make a 16×16 logo with SiO molecules in our NanoTech lab. They were all “Who let you in here?” and “Do you have any idea how much that would cost?”.

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