1. Josh Martin says:

    Tiny HAD logo here I come.

  2. Dave says:

    Euhm.. So other projects that are “medium” are allowed too?

  3. Pedro says:

    Unfortunately I can’t get my direct-write photolithography rig working by next week, but I’ll try and expose the HaD logo and save the SEM images for funsies.

  4. Josh Martin says:

    That sounds a lot more precise than what I am hoping to try.

  5. Josh Martin says:

    Not perfect but it worked.

  6. grovenstien says:

    Does my cake qualify? Or was the fact that this was already featured put me out of the running!

  7. anon says:

    Clarification needed – so does it have to be a project per se or can I just guerrilla tag the logo somewhere like on the side of a building etc

    • It doesn’t have to be a project, but I’m sure there’s a Hackaday/Supplyframe lawyer that will say, “Don’t do anything illegal”

      We’re really hoping there’s a farmer out there that will harvest a HaD logo in a field of corn. The cost of doing that, and finding a guy with a plane to take a picture, probably doesn’t make economic sense for a $7 Trinket, but that’s the gold standard we’re looking for.

  8. Josh Martin says:

    Hmm. A quadracopter dropping herbicide in certain locations to form the HAD logo? Then later once it takes effect you’d photograph it with the same quad? I know the worst idea ever :-)

  9. jordan says:

    HaD logo on a building? I’ll give that a try!

  10. rttr says:

    I’m gonna shave the logo into my cats fur. It needs a trim anyway!

  11. phenoptix says:

    We made a HAD snowflake Christmas is just around the corner you know (we made it last year actually!)

  12. By any chance, can you provide preferred down-sampled raster versions of the logo too? I’d love something that could fit in 128×128 px, 100×100 or 64×64, etc. I’ve got a project where I was thinking last night that it could be applied to graphical imagery, and this is like a perfect coincidence… like a plate of shrimp.

    • bort says:

      its easy to resize and rasterize a vector image. open it in photoshop or inkscape. there are probably tutorials online if you’re stumped

      • bleullama says:

        Yes, i know i can do it, but for logos, people often have pre-rendered/pixel tweaked versions for low resolution renders. If they already have one made, perhaps in a press package, I should use that one.

  13. Ian says:

    Well, you could always use the Favicon from the site if you had to. It is only 16×16.

    =( I tried to get them to let me make a 16×16 logo with SiO molecules in our NanoTech lab. They were all “Who let you in here?” and “Do you have any idea how much that would cost?”.

  14. Rob Regal says:

    Emailed mine… Working on a boot splash screen and boot animation…

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