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[Rémi] is an engineer in France who runs his own little plasma cutting shop where he designs and manufactures custom projects for people. His latest project is this very slick remote controlled tractor.

It makes use of two 350W motors running at 24V, powered off of two 12V lead acid gel cells. The entire frame was designed in 3D CAD and then cut to shape using a plasma cutter. It was designed to tow small farm equipment around, or to turn mowing the lawn into a fun game that can be performed from the comforts of your lounge chair, while sipping a cold drink.

The reason we’re sharing this is because [Rémi] made an excellent video of fabrication and build of this project — So stick around after the break and enjoy! But be warned, watching the video may induce certain desires for owning a personal plasma cutter. Oh the possibilities!

18 thoughts on “RC Tractor Build

  1. I though the funky editing was used pretty skilfully to convey the message “and then this was done a bunch more times.”

    While it’s an impressive build I think the short wheel base and the rather small caster wheel are going to undermine a lot of the possibilities that might seem apparent with those large diameter knobby pneumatic drive tires. I would have put in a gooseneck arm for a caster of the same type as the drive wheels, at least half again as far out from the drivewheel axis.

    About 10 years ago I built a much smaller RC test platform with windshield washer motors and 4 inch diameter drive and caster wheels. It was amazingly maneuverable even in tall grass and mud. I once drove it around a vacant lot and only realized afterward that I had driven it through muddy puddles of water nearly deep enough to drown the electronics.

  2. So….I’d love to see a parts list or list of sources–what did he use for the motor drivers? Sure, the RC stuff is easy to do off-the-shelf, but where did he get the geared motors, what kinds of bearings, axles, and wheels did he use, etc? I didn’t see any details in my (admittedly brief) search.

  3. I rather liked the video. Since most of us probably won’t build a rc tractor, there isn’t much of a point to make a long detailed video. Plus, unlike too many other videos, this one wasn’t shot on an iPhone and crapilly edited.

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