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[Paul] sent us this video tour of the Dallas Makerspace made by member [Andrew Floyd], who walks us around and provides narration for a very impressive space. Once inside the 6000 sq ft facility, he takes us past the entrance lounge and into the electronics room, which has more electronics component storage than visible wall space, and down the hall to show off some laser-cut and 3d-printed creations.

Every makerspace has its specialties, and the Dallas gang shows off their awesome darkroom (complete with creepy, lurking Nic Cage) and blacksmith/forge work areas. They even have bi-weekly blacksmithing classes from a local master blacksmith. The space has since expanded, conquering their next-door-neighbors to expand project storage, add a biolab, a second classroom, a conference room, and more.

Enjoy the video after the break, and then head over to their website for more info: dallasmakerspace.org.

14 thoughts on “Dallas Makerspace Tour

    1. Don’t be a pussy! Installing Windows only takes like 45 minutes, and if you’re intelligent enough to fear Javascript you should also have everything backed up on a partition safely :)

      It’s not like it’s AIDS or something, haha.

  1. Is $50/mo a typical rate for membership to something like this?
    I dont see any indication of how many members they have, a place that size could probabbly have quite a few.
    Anyone know any makerspaces that would be willing to do some electronic component trading? I have a few thousand of the ‘wrong’ value resistors, and some surplus chips, I’d like to trade it down to a few hundred of some other resistors and some other chips.

    1. We have about 240-250 members now. Andrew did a great tour but it is a bit out of date. We now have a Haas VF2 mill. The most interesting part about the mill is that the funds to purchase it were raised in one day by an overwhelming response by the membership. Not sure of the exact figure but it was about $7,500 in less than 24 hours.

      Regarding the resistors, we have a member donate about twenty thousand resistors. Let me find out if the electronics committee is interested in a parts swap.

  2. I just moved to Dallas and this is now my home base hackerspace…formerly TechShop and other spaces in the SF Bay Area. They’re doing good things with this space and it compares well with many of the other spaces I’ve visited. The membership fee is reasonable and they have a good atmosphere and range of available tools, classes, interest groups, and activities.

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