Touring Crashspace, The LA Hackerspace


In case you’re not up to speed with the most recent happenings at Hackaday, we’re partying in LA tomorrow. This means visiting all the local hackerspaces and begging for a tour. First up is Crash Space, an awesome hackerspace that uses Starsong, the soldering iron alicorn shown above as a mascot.

Inside Crash Space are the usual Hackerspace compliment of tables, projectors, whiteboards, and more recycled computers than you can shake several IDE cables at. When we rolled up to Crash Space, they were just finishing up their weekly 3D printing workshop, replete with a Mendel Max, The Printer Which Shall Not Be Named, and a pair of printers from Deezmaker, a company started by one of Crash Space’s members.

For anyone wanting to roll their sleeves up and get dirty, all the action starts in the back of the building. There, they have a laser cutter, an ancient lathe and mill, drill press, and even a project that will become a vacuum former.

The folks at Crash Space were kind enough to show off their workshop for a video, viewable below along with a few pics of the space buzzing with activity.

27 thoughts on “Touring Crashspace, The LA Hackerspace

    1. One aspect of Sparkles is actually pretty innovative. I’ve never seen a soldering iron that can be put down by itself without risking burning anything. Someone should invent a soldering iron with like a retractable bipod stand or something. Yeah sure everyone into soldering has a stand, but I could see the flexibility of a soldering iron with a built in stand being handy.

      1. I have seen soldering irons with a metal clip and a flattened bottom so that it could effectively just be put down and the clip would unfold and make an A shape (though less steep). I tried googling for an image (because i know my explanation is rather vague) but didnt find any, so they are indeed of the rare type (but the hack shouldnt really be that hard to do, and the ones i have seen might even have been homebuilds)

    1. Thank god we do not get more of theese MLP hacks then.. imagine the “this is not a hack^Wunicorn” posts… (i was unaware of this and i am also taking your comment as authroative on the subject)

          1. I cant decide if that is a “silly mh” or a “im into bondage – come get me mh”-look.

            Though having a MLP themed case for the mooltipass could help adoption of security among young girls and older men i suppose. could be a new market-changing product. Those people dont want a boring box sitting next to the computer, but MLP themed would probably be acceptable. (and then word-of-mouth takes care of the rest) :)

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