Hackaday Projects: Open To The Public

We’re letting anybody in — now’s your chance to lay claim to your piece of Hackaday Projects.

We’ve been watching as a few thousand Hackadayers kick the tires and light the fires of our new hosting website: Hackaday Projects. But you can’t keep these things under wraps forever, and we’re happy to open up the service to anyone who would like an account. Join this vibrant little community by setting up your profile (real or anonymous, we don’t really care) and showing everyone what you’ve been working on in that basement lab of yours. Perhaps we should mention that public doesn’t mean finished. We’re still in Alpha with the site, but with the help of the testers over the last few months this is a very respectable alpha!

If you already had a testing account there are a few new things to note. Astute readers who hovered over the link above noticed that it’s a different URL from the one to which you’re accustomed. We registered hackaday.io as the main domain and also hac.io which will eventually be a URL shortener. We also implemented “The Stack” which is the complement to “The Heap” (currently unimplemented). The two serve as… well, why don’t you go and find out for yourself what they’re for? After all, hackers don’t need to be told how to do things, right?

13 thoughts on “Hackaday Projects: Open To The Public

  1. Two big criticisms.

    criticism 1.
    You’ve done that horrible horrible thing where instead of putting content onto different pages, allowing people to browse through all projects, maybe bookmark their place and come back to them, you wanted to be all funky and cool and do that endless page thing where the page keeps growing…
    fine, except the memory used by the browser keeps growing as well and it’s impossible to book mark where you’ve gotten to in searching for older projects…
    Which makes searching through the projects difficult.
    and as the site grows the first projects on the site will get less and less attention.
    with the Hackaday main site it’s possible to go read every post, book mark where you’ve gotten to and come back another day. (though I know that as more articles are added the target of the book mark effectively shifts.)

    Criticism 2.
    Every page has the title Hackaday Projects regardless of the actual project title.
    this means anyone bookmarking a few projects quickly, – without copying and pasting the title from the projects will end up with a series of links just titled “Hackaday Projects” with no context as to what the projects in their bookmarks actually are.

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