The Coconut Cruiser Takes Relaxing To The Next Level

While you might not be able to tell from the picture, that outdoor love seat has wheels underneath it. And that Coconut — yeah — It controls it.

We’re starting to like this [Rodger Cleye] fellow. First he brings us the awesome [Marty Mcfly] quadcopter-hoverboard — and now this. He had originally converted his old recliner into a RC comfortable transportation chair in attempt to sell it at a garage sale, and after that decided a one-seater was just too boring. It’s much more fun to lounge with a friend while cruising down the street in your love seat.

It runs off of a 24V DC system with two 15aH SLA batteries. This gets it going to about 5mph, and the battery lasts well over 2 hours. The coconut has a straw sticking out of it which is actually the joystick — a very discrete control unit!

Still not satisfied, he decided to throw on a 25W audio system as well, so they can play their Hawaiian music while weirding out the neighbors. Take a look after the break.

9 thoughts on “The Coconut Cruiser Takes Relaxing To The Next Level

  1. What a great way to get pulled over!

    I love these things…while you can absolutely get a ticket for having an “unsafe vehicle” like this on the road (I know, he’s 50ft from the house), it’s a pretty fun, cozy amenity for the house! ;)

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