Astronaut Or Astronot: Shipping Is Killing Us, Man

We’re busy trying to get everyone to vote for their favorite entries in The Hackaday Prize. To encourage this, last week we gave away a pretty nice oscilloscope to a random person on, only because they voted for their favorite projects. Generous, and the shipping to Brazil is going to murder us.

For this round, we are putting up a Bukito 3D printer on the line. To make things extra special, we’re doing this at a little shindig we’re holding at i3 in Detroit.

As you can see by the video above, we’re having a great time with great mead. Also, we just gave away a 3D printer. This is the guy. Send you congratulations to his profile. We’ll shoot you an email, [Damian]. Oh, we’re shipping to New Zealand this time.

10 thoughts on “Astronaut Or Astronot: Shipping Is Killing Us, Man

    1. 90david kuder its worts than you think the brazilian import tax is 19%(iof) + 60%(import tax) + 120brl(nationalization tax) + 12br(mail service tax) everything over the product price + shipping.
      The total tax will be over 1000 usd.

  1. Overheard at the meetup last night: You’re shipping a person to SPACE, surely you can ship a printer to another continent!

    Seriously though, this is really cool and THANK YOU for stepping up to the challenge of shipping things to curious hackers, wherever they may call home. Total agreement with [strevo] above, being in the US myself I’ve always felt awkward when people from other places aren’t eligible for cool stuff that happens here. It’s easy to take the first approximation and say “It sucks that you live in that place”, but that’s not true — what actually sucks is that folks who run contests here aren’t eager for the challenges of international commerce. Hackaday is big enough and clever enough to rise beyond that, and it feels good.

    BTW, is there a way we could crowdfund someone’s import duties and taxes and stuff? A lot of hobbyists may not have a cool grand sitting around to drop on accepting an imported prize, and I’d happily chip a few bucks towards making it happen. But, like most Americans, I have no idea how that actually works, and I hope someone with the appropriate clue can make it easy for me to just throw money at the thing. (That last line feels so flabbergastingly stereotypical but it’s all true!)

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