The Handsfree Icebucket Challenge Backpack


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the internet by storm as tv stars, musicians, athletes, kids, students and everyone in between have thrown freezing water all over themselves in an effort to raise awareness (and millions of dollars) to help cure the neurodegenerative disease. So when [Christopher] was challenged by a friend, he decided to make an icebucket backpack that would pour the liquid from above without having to use his hands.

The wearable device uses a Barometric pressure sensor that is triggered when air is blown into a tube. This sensor is attached to an Arduino Uno. Once activated, the pouring process begins drenching the person below in ice cold water. It’s a little unnecessary, but it gets the job done in a fun, maker-style way. Now if you make something similar, don’t forget to actually support the cause and donate money.

To see the icebucket backpack in action, check out the video after the break:


9 thoughts on “The Handsfree Icebucket Challenge Backpack

  1. Oh brother. I’m guesings this one is for the people who have ALS and can’t lift a bucket But don’t want to be left out?
    I can’t wait till the either Bad Kidney or Irritable Bowel funding people catch on the bucket toss idea!

    1. It’s a bit daft but quite funny. I see a lot of people asking why people don’t just donate instead of doing this silly ‘challenge’ . The thing is, most of us never would have heard of ALS if it wasn’t for the funny things people are doing with the ice bucket challenge.

      People don’t do the challenge to avoid donating, they do it because it bring awareness to the cause.

      This guy got a good excuse to practice his hobby while spreading the word :)

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