The Inaugural Meetup


Last Monday we held our very first Hackaday Projects Meetup at the Congregation Ale House in Pasadena, CA. We knew there were a lot of members in the area and figured a meetup is a great excuse for them to meet each other.

The turn out was surprisingly good, with a wide variety of makers and hackers. People I met included aerospace engineers, embedded device developers, 3d printer inventors, and web developers. About thirty Hackaday readers turned up along with some newbies and a merry few hours of drinking beer, exchanging tales, poking at blinky things and admiring 3d printers ensued.

[Joseph Chiu] from ToyBuilderLabs brought along some of the largest single piece 3d prints many of us had ever seen. The Deezmaker crew also came along and showed off their Bukito Portable’s favorite party trick – printing upside down! There was a demonstration of a ChipKit based ultrasonic ping pong ball levitation machine. [Liam Kennedy] showed off his ISSAbove system connected to an LED ring, and we were even treated to a look at the first ever prototype Raspberry Pi in the USA by [Ron Evans], one of the founders of GoBot and CylonJS. More pictures and some additional event recap are found below.

All in all a great time was had, and this will now become a regular event roughly once a month somewhere in the Pasadena area.

Host your own Hackaday Projects Meetup

But it doesn’t just need to be limited to those in Southern California. If you’d like to organize a meetup in your local area please let us know via and we’ll make sure we give you a shout out to get you started. It really is great to meet more people from the Hackaday community and we’re already seeing some collaboration start to come out of this.


8 thoughts on “The Inaugural Meetup

  1. Well, I’d like to visit this place in Pasadena. It’s at least a couple hours a day from home in San Diego and I work 40 hours a week so I wouldn’t visit on a whim but some weekend would be neat!

    And I’m looking for a closer place too. Some people on Facebook I know. I’m surprised there is no hackerspaces wiki link in your blog post here.

  2. So any other regular readers of Hackaday in Kansas? I’m out hear on te Ester edge of the High Plains, so I expect it would be I who travels 3- hours rear a room for at least one night. That’s OK that’s been par for the course since I became and adult making my my recreational travel decisions

    I don’t attend for whitewash to be pejorative, but guess I will never get the attempt to “whitewash” hacking/hackers, beyond distancing one-selves from the common image of criminal hackers. This because of the way I grew up. Hack was short of for hack job. A hack job wasn’t planned, but did out necessity because we didn’t have extra money, and needed to get an essential item like a vehicle going. Often they where of marginal safety, but we kept that in mind until we could afford to do a proper repair. In that world their where hack jobs and there purposeful builds and recreational builds. Both of those may or may not take on the appearance of a hack, because of the use of salvage materials, then again they could turn out quite attractive.

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