Glowing LED Cubes From The Future

Sometimes people don’t believe you when you tell them something. You may have to go out of your way to convince those skeptics. Well, [AlexTheGreat] was having a hard time convincing people that he was from the future. He thought building some cool looking glowing LED cubes would help his story.

Underneath the fancy exterior covering is a cube made from pieces of clear acrylic sheet that are hot-glued together. There isn’t much inside the cube, just an LED, resistor, button cell battery and an on/off switch. A hole in one of the cube sides allows access to the on/off switch. Once all the components are verified to work, the interior of the cube is filled with hot glue to diffuse the light.

LED Cube from the futureThe exterior is thin sheet metal cut into cool shapes and bent around the plastic cube. Like the rest of the components, these metal covers are held on with hot glue. They do a great job of blocking the LED light ensuring it shines out of the creatively arranged gaps. We’re not sure if these will convince anyone that [AlexTheGreat] is from the future but they are certainly darn cool looking!


28 thoughts on “Glowing LED Cubes From The Future

  1. Tonight, on Hack a Day news, man enclosed an LED in a clear box with a tattered mask. Man claims that this device is proof that whoever possess it came from the future, further proving that Idiocracy is just around the corner. Stay tuned as we go into more detail into this grand discovery. Up next, man reinvents the wheel.

    1. Hey goes back in time to before he hot glues everything. The battery can then be easily changed. Of course the battery he takes out is still quite fresh at this time so it can be used in something else so there is no waste.

      1. I’m pretty sure this slows time down. Because it took five years real time before it was featured on hackaday. But time passed quickly for hackaday editors. As in, they scrambled quickly to find a hack for the day, barring no rules on relevance. Otherwise known as hackaday’s theory of special relativity.

        1. Actually, it must warp spacetime locally. Mere minutes have passed for it, while years have passed for us. It must also be able to project spacetime warping fields to remote locations, including the offices of Hackaday in its local time field. A side effect of the local warping effect is an intelligence retarding field. This field reduces the intelligence of all affected individuals, resulting in posts like this one….

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