The Raspberry Pi Wearable Revolution

With the human URL [] serving as Chief Creative Director of 3D Systems, and [Martha Stewart] selling her own line of 3D printer filament through MakerBot, more and more celebrities are piling onto the hacker, maker, and DIY revolution. Now, the partnership we’ve all been waiting for: the Raspberry Pi Foundation and [The Artist Formerly Known As Prince_logo] are teaming up to produce a line of Pi-based wearable electronics. The first product from this new, fashionable line of electronics is beyond anything you would expect. It’s called the Raspberry Beret, and it’s shaping up to be a Revolution in wearables.

The wearable Raspberry Beret is exactly what you would expect: a habadasher’s masterpiece that pairs equally well with figure skating costumes and skin-tight cloud print suits. Inside, though, is a new piece of hardware based on the Raspberry Pi compute module. This module includes a Bluetooth module that will sync with any Windows phone. The Raspberry Beret also includes enough sensors that will blow away everything from a Fitbit to the new Apple Watch. The Raspberet will keep track of your heart rate, activity, and exercise routine.

The Raspberry Beret is just the beginning; the Pi Foundation and [The Artist Formerly Known As Prince_logo] are also teaming up with OSH Park to produce a limited, special edition Raspberry Pi 2. This board will be clad in the beautiful OSH Park purple soldermask and sports 4GB of eMMC Flash. This Flash will not be usable; instead it will contain a remastered edition of Purple Rain that will play as a startup chime. There will be no option to skip the chime.


44 thoughts on “The Raspberry Pi Wearable Revolution

  1. “more and more celebrities are piling onto the hacker, maker, and DIY revolution”

    More and more celebrities are piling into the “revolution” to take advantage and make a buck as they do in as many markets as possible.
    Selling the brand and milking the dumb fools that think celebrity endorsement = added value, in any market.

    1. Write Only Memory was a good one.

      Turned out some engineers had been looking for exactly that, without knowing it was what they needed, so after the joke advertisement WOM eventually became a real thing. Ideas can be powerful, just saying “What if…” can set wheels in motion.

      Let’s hope the Purple Pi beret is *not* one of those ideas.

  2. Yep, there it is! The article to AprilFoulsDay!
    Easy to catch because there is no link to the back the story.
    No Link to Raspberry Foundation which confirms these information!

    Nice Try Folks!

  3. You know what would be a great april fools joke? If HaD was flooded with these projects: encasing a raspberry pi board, call it a “retro gaming console”, and “call it a day”. Now that’s a joke!

  4. Berets are ugly anyways. We don’t need a bunch of kids out enacting vigilante justice while a lopsided pillow collects sensor data, which in this fictitious case would end up sending each wearer relevant junk mail… because in this world and ours, big corporations sell your data.

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