RetroPie Meets Game Gear, Again

RetroPie Game Gear

If you’re a fan of video game systems of yesteryear then you are probably familiar with RetroPie. For those who aren’t, RetorPie is a collection of software and video game emulators that can run on a Raspberry Pi. The package makes it easy to get your fix of old games without having to own a bunch of consoles or loose your breath blowing on cartridges.

[brooksyx] already had a broken Game Gear, Raspberry Pi and a 4.3 inch LCD screen kicking around so he thought it would be a good idea to put them together into a handheld RetroPie. Clearly, the new screen was not going to fit in the old screen’s place. The Game Gear’s case was cut and the bezel from the new LCD screen was epoxied in place, gaps filled and finally sanded.

RetroPie Game Gear


The screen is not the only modifications done to the case. Down on the bottom right of the case front [brooksyx] added 4 buttons for the N64 C-buttons. Out back the battery compartments and cartridge slot were filled in.

This project isn’t done yet and we are excited to see how it comes out. If you’re digging this RetroPie portable, you may like this Game Gear with an unmodified case or this large-screened Game Boy.

6 thoughts on “RetroPie Meets Game Gear, Again

      1. Do all hacks have to have a full detailed explanation of how it was built?
        I mean hooking up a display and a battery pack to a Pi is pretty… easy.
        Writing a PRE MADE image to a sd card… easy.

        Not one of my projects have been given as much of a smirk at and i have been reading these pages long before this blog hit any sort of welcome party. :(

  1. i consider this more of a case mod. i got a pi doing about the same job sitting in a case made of studless lego. it took only a minor bit of hack-fu to get it running and to install emulator software. now i can play snes games with one of those htpc remotes as a controller standin. but it is far from practical.

    this kind of case mod makes it practical. professional looking buttons instead of something nasty cobbled together on strip board. its the finishing touches like this that eventually make for professional looking projects.

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