A Custom, Workshop Squeezebox

Launched over 10 years ago, the Squeezebox was one of the most popular network streaming devices sold. The idea was simple: put some MP3s on a computer, connect the Squeezebox to a LAN, and stream those tunes. Someone at Logitech had the brilliant idea that MP3s and other audio files should be stored in an online service a while back, something that didn’t sit well with [Richard]. He went out and built his own Squeezebox with a Raspberry Pi, out of an ammo box, no less.

Most of the project is based on another Squeezebox Raspi mashup over at Instructables. This was a wall-mounted project, and not encased that keeps 7.62 ammunition secure during transport. It did, however, provide enough information for [Richard] to use in his project.

To make his Squeezebox look a little more industrial and sturdy, he cut a few holes in a NATO ammo can for speakers, a TFT touchscreen display, and a USB charger port. Inside, a pair of powered speakers, a USB hub, and a powerbank were added, making this a portable streaming solution that can take a beating.

3 thoughts on “A Custom, Workshop Squeezebox

  1. One thing that always annoyed me about Squeezebox was the whole server client and no access just to a network location or samba share of files. I even have an old O2 Joggler that I run squeezebox on, but I run BOTH client and server on the same device just for internet radio :).

  2. I love the raspberry pi port to SB. I made my own workshop version, but it’s just a single button interface. I show it here:


    along side the android squeezecommander app to show what’s happening. I guess I should have made it more clear that’s NOT bluetooth coming from the phone but the SB on the pi playing the music. I run the server on a synology NAS which is perfect.

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