3 Hours Until Collabatorium

This is your 90-minute warning. This week’s Collabatorium begins in just 1.5 hours and you’re invited. To join in just click the “Request to join this project” found on the left sidebar of the Hacker Channel page.

Once you’ve joined you can open up the Group Messaging for that project, one of the many awesome collaboration features on Hackaday.io. Starting at 1700 UTC we’ll launch the Collabatorium to celebrate, discuss, encourage, and find partners for 2015 Hackaday Prize Entries. This edition of the live event is hosted by [Sophi Kravitz] and [Jasmine Brackett].

vote-shortWhile we have your attention, here’s another reminder to head on over and Vote in Astronaut or Not. Each week we draw a random hacker number for a $1000 giveaway, but only if you have voted!. The next drawing is TODAY so get at least one vote in right away to qualify.

The 2015 Hackaday Prize is sponsored by:

2 thoughts on “3 Hours Until Collabatorium

  1. It would be nice if this chat could be accessed through a traditional IRC client. The HaD.io chat screen fills up with messages too fast. If I look away for even a second, I have to scroll for minutes to catch back up with the conversation.

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