Hackaday SuperConference — Apply Now To Attend

In the beginning there were simple circuits, and it was good. Our technology has advanced, our hardware prowess must advance in kind. The Hackaday SuperConference is the hardware con you’ve been waiting for. Experience spectacular presentations that move hardware creation forward while being surrounded by inspired hackers, designers, and engineers.

There are numerous serious professionals in the Hackaday Community pulling off amazing things that easily rank as world-class. It’s time to assemble our talent and spread those skills to others looking to grow their own repertoire. This is practical, hands-on learning. Many of the sessions will be workshops where you will manipulate registers and send solder smoke skyward.

Apply to Attend the Hackaday SuperConference

The Hackaday SuperCon is in San Francisco, November 14th and 15th. There is limited capacity. You must apply to be part of something this amazing. Do it now and unlock the early adopter rate of $64. Over the coming days that price will rise to $256. That’s assuming there are any tickets left after today. Those who want to hedge their bets should also apply as a volunteer.

You could procrastinate. You could let this one pass you by. But we know you’re like us and you’ve been disappointed by the lack of real hardware talks and workshops at conferences. The SuperCon is created for hardware. Your wait for something special is over.

We are still accepting proposals to present a talk or workshop at the SuperCon. Submit your proposal by this Wednesday. Travel stipends are available for outstanding proposals.

Download the SuperCon poster and hang it everywhere. Share the @hackaday #SuperCon.  Do it now.

37 thoughts on “Hackaday SuperConference — Apply Now To Attend

  1. 60 DAYS? You’re organizing it and trying to get us to go there in 60 days?!?!

    Mike, there’s not a chance in hell I can go … that close to THANKGIVING … two conferences in the Bay Area that month, AND one of the biggest hardware conferences going on in Europe at the end of the month to boot.

    Next year, more notice please. Like, 6 months?

    1. +1

      I was really looking forward to this, but on my meager budget, last minute air-fare around Thanksgiving costs more than I can dream of spending right now :( A little more heads up would have made this event possible for me.

    1. Welcome to the Age of Instant Gratification!
      Microwave TV dinners, Overnight package delivery, Cell phones, 24 hour News networks, Online ordering!!!!

      Hey, if a pack o’ hacks can’t pull something off in 30 days, they are not worthy of the title HACKER.

  2. Even if I knew a year in advance, I wouldn’t be able to attend there.

    I’m a poor hacker. And I still work part time at the university in R&D. Going all in on IoT here, and teaching others about it. Still getting jipped. And yes, I’m applying anywhere/everywhere.

  3. Sure, I’ll come…wait a minute!

    What, only 33 days notice? That’s only a day to plan a flight, and even then I don’t get the discount for buying a ticket 6 weeks ahead. And what about my holiday plans? I’m a hacker, I know the system, booking this close to an event is only slightly less expensive than booking last minute, and sometimes it’s cheaper to book last minute and get that last empty seat/room.

    Seriously, if this were for next year, or something in 6 months, where I had time to make plans, I’d be there. As it is, congratulations on appealing to your USA West Coast audience who could just drive there for those two days. If it were someplace within driving distance to me, that would make this “only 33 days notice” thing a bit easier for me to deal with.

    1. Perhaps we on the east coast & those in the mid west can host their own in the coming months. Just because its not officially sanctioned by HaD doesn’t mean we still can’t do it.

      1. This sounds like a great idea.

        My area (Tulsa) has rarely seen any events of this type. We did have a Mini-Makerfaire this year, but it appears to have been geared more toward employment than hacking/making. Nothing wrong with that either.

        I just think that it is a shame that so many youngsters who have the desire, interest, and capability are not able to access the kind of social situations that would enable them to make the leap over the technological divide.

  4. I submitted an entry pretty early this morning. I volunteered to help out so did not see any request for money. Got a thank you on the form after clicking submit. But I have not gotten a ticket in my email, or any notification that I got in from hackaday.io. Was there supposed to be any confirmation? When?

    There is a separate “Meetup” page on the SuperConference and I appear to have been put on a wait list there. But that meetup page would appear to have nothing to do with registratuion. Please help with my confusion.

    (I also could not put my website into the form).


  5. This event seems elitist. The cost for a flight, the price of entry, motel price, food, etc. in the SF area is way to expensive for the everyday person. Not to mention the untimely posting of the article, which reduces any chance of securing discounts.

    Most of us have much smaller budgets. For this reason, I ask:

    Why no satellite sites? The enabling tech is there, you have sufficient team members, and I am certain that businesses like Arm, Atmel, TI, etc would be more than happy to rent booth space in multiple locations…

    So why the all or nothing approach?

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure you are among the elite. But, there are fewer of you than there are of us. Moreover, we would probably have more cash on hand to make purchases at vendor booths, if we could drive to a one day event, instead of purchasing round-trip tickets, lodging, etc.

      To me(the under-educated outsider), it just seems like you could make more money from the event that I described.

      Ps. Please don’t send me the AT&T Email.

    2. Down with the Hackaday Bourgeoisie! Wait my ticket was issued? Down with the non-SF Proles!

      Happy to see the 6x cost of living vs. 3x salary ratio gap paying some small dividends every now and again for the poor urbanites.

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