Why You Need To Be At The Hackaday SuperConference

Hackaday’s first ever SuperConference is November 14th and 15th. Imagine a hardware conference that’s actually about hardware creation, packed with the most talented people – both as attendees and presenters. We are taking over Dogpatch Studios in San Francisco for the event that’s sure to change your engineering life. Apply Now for your tickets.

This isn’t hype. Our excitement is well founded, and especially so in this case. Here’s why:

The People

It’s the community that has always made Hackaday an amazing place to hang out. Over the past two years we’ve been building up our live events with a steady cadence of meetups, workshops, hackathons, and mini-conferences. The hackers we respect most in the world have been part of all this, sometimes partnering to put on the events and often just showing up as attendees. It is an accelerating trend with all signs pointing to a spectacular SuperCon. We have already mentioned some of the presenters, you’ll find more below.

The Talks

A single track of talks will run for two full days; you can experience them all if you wish. We’re promoting the spread of hardware development knowledge. And because of this there was an outpouring of talk and workshop proposals followed by a surge of applications to attend.

It would be interesting if this was a week-long conference with multiple halls, but then you might lose the soul of the event. Yes, we received over 140 proposals and had the hard task of turning away many worthy presenters. But what we are now facing is a diverse set of talks that will pull you in and fill you with confidence to take the next evolutionary leap in building your own skills.

Jen Costillo | Squeezing Blood From A Stone: Getting back Memory and Performance
Grant Imahara | Talking Mythbusters and Robotics
Jonathan Beri | I like to move it, move it: a pragmatic guide to making your world move with motors!
Kate Reed | The Creative Process In Action
Rory Aronson | Why great documentation is vital to open-source projects

More talks will be announced in the coming days.

The Workshops

The talks will run the entire weekend, but so will the workshops, several of which will be in progress at any given time. This is the hardware con you’ve been waiting for and that means getting hands on with some silicon. Embedded developers who haven’t tried DMA can learn from a master as Paul Stoffregen walks you through his workshop Advanced Microcontroller-based Audio. Erin Kennedy presents Designing with Antimony for use with custom skeleton-physics simulationsTom Anderson takes things analog with Learn Circuit Simulation using SPICE. And those looking for the dark secrets of RF, Michael Ossman will be there for a Simple RF Circuit Design workshop.

More workshops will be announced in the coming days.

The Hackaday Prize Party

Our virtual world is great, connecting us instantly with our peers throughout the world. But collaboration blossoms ever more brightly when we hang out together in person. Much of the soul of the SuperCon will be in those interactions between talks and workshops. The culmination of the 2015 Hackaday Prize is a great reason to get everyone together for deeper interaction.

To kick off the party we will announce the order of the top five 2015 Hackaday Prize finalists — this includes the Grand Prize winner who will win a trip into space. We will also reveal the winner of the Best Product award that carries prestige, $100,000 cash, and a residency at the Supplyframe Design Lab.

The evening will continue with food, drink, interactive hardware installations, and much more. This is the time that we love showing off the projects we’ve been working on. It’s a great way to get feedback and kudos on your work and to rub elbows with all those world-class hackers we mentioned earlier.

Get your ticket now!

18 thoughts on “Why You Need To Be At The Hackaday SuperConference

  1. Are you going to have a contest for us to win free airfare, hotel, and whatnot? Because that’s probably the only way I could attend. :-(

    But for me, it’s less a matter of the cost itself, and more a matter of justifying the cost and time away from family and work for a hobby. Would *love* to attend, but unfortuantely it’s just not practical.

  2. “Why You Need to Be at the Hackaday SuperConference”

    Um, Osmosis? Inductance? Some other vaguely scientific word, which implies that you might become more intelligent by hanging out with smart people?

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