Take A Ride On My Magic Carpet

For an awesome Halloween edition of [PrankvsPrank], they decided to make a remote controlled “magic carpet” for [Aladdin]. It’s absolutely fantastic.

[PrankvsPrank] isn’t really known for making stuff we’d feature on Hackaday, so they got some help with the project from the [CaseyNeistat] a New York YouTuber. As you can probably guess, at the heart of this magic carpet is actually an electric skateboard. A Boosted Board to be specific– it was a very successful Kickstarter a few years ago.

They built a lightweight frame out of plastic pipe and wrapped fabric around it to make it look like a proper carpet out of the cartoon. Once they had it all set, they took it for a spin through the streets of NYC, catching people’s reactions along the way.

And of course, they also have a nice video about how they did it as well.

You missed the Halloween boat this year, but maybe next year you can build your own electric skateboard and try something similar?

12 thoughts on “Take A Ride On My Magic Carpet

    1. Sure its a hack. They took an everyday item (e-skateboard) and turned it into a Magic Carpet! Manipulating electrons to do new and wonderful things is my kinda hack. Love the New York scenes.

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