DIY Mini Butane Torch Would Make MacGyver Proud

Need to MacGyver yourself out of a situation with a mini torch? Well, you might want to watch this video of how to make a mini butane torch out of some random household components.

Built by [Roman UrsuHack], almost all the parts in this assembly are being used completely not as manufacturer intended. Which is why we love it. And why it’s a bit dangerous too.

Using an inkjet printer cartridge refill syringe, a bicycle pump needle, some tubing, a few compression valves (they look almost like medical equipment, for blood donation), a water bottle, a can of butane, lots of hot glue, and a few bicycle pump fittings, [Roman] has created a rather ingenious little butane torch.

needleWe specifically like how he designed the nozzle. By cutting a small hole in the bicycle pump needle, it’s possible to jam the syringe through that hole to provide a basic mixing valve for air and gas.

To seal the hole, he’s wrapped thin copper wire around the joint then loaded it with flux, and covered it in solder — a clever way to block a hole!

Then by sending compressed air through the syringe, and gas through the bicycle pump nozzle, with a bit of pressure adjustment, you can get a pretty nice blue torch flame. He mentions you could use the bubbler pump from an aquarium, but assuming a worst case scenario — shows us how to make a water bottle compressed air tank instead.

For a slightly more robust solution, why not build a mini HHO torch? NOTE: Slightly more dangerous.

[Thanks for the tip Andrew!]

22 thoughts on “DIY Mini Butane Torch Would Make MacGyver Proud

    1. It’s flux, the same I use =) Nobody AFAIK knows what it’s made of. It’s water-soluble, makes aluminium easily solderable, as well as many other metals. Downside – it’s corrosive and conductive, needs to be cleaned up thoroughly. BTW, any ideas what it could be?

  1. “Using an inkjet printer cartridge refill syringe, a bicycle pump needle, some tubing, a few compression valves (they look almost like medical equipment”
    I am pretty sure that there is no syringe used in this, you must be referring to the needle. Also note that the needle has a pointed and sharpened tip, the inkjet cartridge kits (in my experience) include blunt needles. Those valves, the needle, the tubing as well as the part that goes between the tube and the bottle are probably all medical equipment. Not non-medical equipment that looks like medical equipment.

  2. Pretty neat. Next time I’m trapped in a room at the hospital and have those items available – and need the lock burned off, I will think of it. Still, it’s just dangerous enough to make it interesting. I’m not sure I would actually use it for anything but an emergency. But as usual for this crowd – very creative.

    1. In a hospital room you’ll likely have pure O2 from a nozzle in the wall by the bed, assuming there isn’t a keypad lock to turn it on. Flammable gas, dunno what there could be in a hospital room.

    2. MacGyver wouldn’t need to burn off the lock!
      Most incandescent and halogen light bulbs contain lock picks inside them, and are still used in hospitals. :)

      Nice video!

  3. Since this is butane/air, you’d probably spend less money and better/more consistent results buying a butane soldering torch from the local discount tool outlet/Ebay. That said, it’s a pretty cool build and worth considering if you have a very specialized application (and no funding for a proper jeweler’s torch), though I’d use three very fine wires inserted end-on to keep the smaller tube centered in the larger one.

    1. Yeah they have those cheap ready-made little gas torches everywhere, including many gas station mini shops.

      P.S. Added ‘gas’ before torch so the british english speaking people don’t confuse it with a flashlight.

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